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BDi Machinery Sales is your complete source for innovative specialty agricultural machinery. We offer numerous types and sizes of sprayers, hedgers, leaf removers, shredders, cultivators, pruners, mowers, row mulchers, and other specialized machinery from around the world. 

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Brands: Cima, Rinieri, Olmi, Cifarelli, Lisam, Holmac, Ortolan, Chianchia, Selvatici, and Infaco.


Holmac HZC 30

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  • BDi Machinery is proud to offer the 2021 Early Order Discount Program. Winter Off-season Promotion is 5% Off with a 50% Deposit and 10% off with a 100% Deposit.

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  • (Nov 30, 2020)

    BDi Machinery Sales, Inc. was started in 1996 to meet specialty agricultural equipment, tool, and machinery needs of fruit, vegetable, and nursery growers. Located in Macungie, PA, 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on being a partner to our customers and customers of our dealers, to provide them with the latest technological advances in agricultural specific equipment. We specialize in sourcing and distributing innovative agricultural equipment from around the world. Click here to view our product offerings on our catalog.

    Our dealers include Winchester Equipment (Winchester, VA), Java Farm Supply (New York), Fred's Water Services Inc. (Perry, OH), Northeastern Equipment Unlimited (Mattituck, NY), Martin's Repair Shop (Ephrata, PA), and Spring Brook Supply (Holland, MI). 

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  • Holmac HZC 30
    The HZC 30 is a treedigger which includes a series of innovations, which are the result of a search for solutions to simplify how people work in the nursery.

  • The Holmac HZC 30 is a tree digger which includes a series of innovations. Vertical tip back and vertical lift system for lifting the root ball out of the ground, horizontal turn of the blade/vibrator of 70 degrees right and left, and independent opening/forward track system. The Narrow 33” wide track with a patented single action in/out to 51” and forward 14” ensures balance in any condition. It will dig 2 1/2 times more trees at the same time as other brands. This is possible with the 3 separate pump actions, this will allow a faster approach, faster digging, and faster bag & basket time. Travel speed variable from 0 to 4 mph forward and reverse, 2 ranges is controlled on the go. Unlike other brands in this class the HZC 30 standard with 14” vertical lift to keep the tree more stable when lifting. The blade change is simplified with blade support for 12 different blades from 10” to 40”.


    • 3 Separate pump actions: approaching tree faster to place in digging position.

    • Horizontal turn blade right and left. 70 Degree, aides in quicker time to bag.

    • Vertical lift vibrator and blade 14” aides in stabilizing tree and tip back.

    • Centralized greaser: easier for maintenance.

    • Adjustable rubber tracks: Move Simultaneously for less stress or single movement in/out, and forward/back. *Patented System*

    • 4000 Vibrations per minute blade, for better and smoother operation, It will dig 2 1/2 times more trees same time as other brands.

    • Forward or reverse speed 0 to 4 mph High/low range switch. Independent turn levers.

    • Rollover protection (ROP) & Seat belt.

    • Work lights front and rear.


    - 35 HP Kubota water-cooled 4 Cylinder engine

    - Track adjustment (33” to 51”) In-Out

    - Track adjustment from the center to forward 14” for better balance

    - Two Speed (2 mph) to (4 mph) variable - Balance weight with a rear jack stand

    - Weight – 4,080 lbs. - Choice of 12 different size blades (from 10” to 40”)


    - Additional Lights

    - Hydraulic assist to quickly change the blade

  • Cima P55 with Row Cannon
    The 3-point mounted low volume sprayer model New Plus 55, with pneumatic atomization based on the "Venturi Tube" principle, performs chemical treatments with a low volume of water.

  • The 3-point mounted low volume sprayer model New Plus 55, with pneumatic atomization based on the "Venturi Tube" principle, performs chemical treatments with a low volume of water. Heavy and compact,  precise in the applications of the quantities of chemicals, it works easily on uneven grounds and guarantees high operation autonomy. Maximum performance with low operating costs and low maintenance.
    This sprayer is very unique in the market with hand-washing and spray-line rinsing tanks included into the main tank, and with two mixing agitations systems ( hydraulic/pneumatic).


    • - 400 and 600lt. main tank in polyethylene equipped with graduated level indicator
    • - 15lt. hand-washing tank and spray-line rinsing tank (GOLD models only) (40 or 60lt depending on the sprayer model)
    • - Hydraulic pre-mixer incorporated within the basket filter
    • - Two agitation systems, liquid and air
    • - C.I.M.A.'S centrifugal pump (no diaphragms or valves) made of anticorrosive material and requiring no maintenance.
    • - Pressure regulator with manual control and Ø 100mm pressure gauge (0÷6 atm)
    • - Spraying ON/OFF control by remote control electro-valves from the tractor seat
    • - Rotating calibration discs, 15 positions - delivery from 100 to 5000 l/h
    • - Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner.
    • - Overrunning clutch – safety stop device in the event the PTO is suddenly stopped
    • - Steel frame, electrostatic painted with polyester powder designed for installing optional support wheels
    • - Steel high-pressure radial fan with fan disengagement, polyethylene fan housing

    Cima Row Cannon (T.GC) is available for Cima models P50, P55, T50, T55, S50, and S55. Click this link to see the Row Cannon in action. 

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