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ThinkPlants™ is devoted to bringing the best genetics to market and providing quality inputs to the grower at reasonable costs. This collaborative approach to the market allows us a very diversified portfolio, the best technical resources available, an organized retail pursuit, and a stream-lined supply chain.

ThinkPlants™ offers growers an unrivaled commitment to breeding a diverse mix of improved plant genetics, with a healthy supply chain of top-quality URC, bareroot and liners, along with a true sense of transparency between grower and supplier.

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  • Helenium HayDay™ Series
    A vegetatively produced new series of Helenium with brightly colored blooms which flowers from summer through fall....

  • Nicely controlled and upright habits make HayDay ideal for 2.5 quart perennial programs. Dense branching results in loads of flowers making HayDay the perfect summer perennial for attracting polinators and bringing exciting new genetics into classic praries wildflower
  • Coreopsis Solanna™ Bright Touch
    First year flowering
    Early to flower
    Naturally compact and uniform habit
    No vernalization requirement and no benefit from cooling treatment...

  • One of the our most favorite perennial is this Coreopsis Bright Touch. Abundance of large, bright, golden-yellow flowers with burgundy center blankets the compact plant habit from early spring to frost. With it's strong flowering habit no benefit from cooling treatment, makes Bright Touch Coreopsis the optimal choice for any perennial program.

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