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Mastering the Craft of Growing Media

Berger is a worldwide leader in the production of first-quality growing media. For over 55 years, Berger’s team of specialists uses a client-focused approach that meets the specific needs of its customers’ crops. For professional growers, that means consistent growth, predictable results, reliable supply, and moreover, a trustworthy technical support.  

From start to finish, how you grow matters as much as what you grow.

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  • The first function of growing media is to provide support for the plant. In other words, it anchors the plant in place. It also needs to create an environment where roots can thrive. Growing media typically consists of a blend of ingredients with different physical and chemical characteristics. This combination of materials creates a structure designed to provide porosity (air space) as well as water and nutrient-holding capacity for plant root uptake.  There is no perfect universal perennial mix.  However, by reviewing the particularities of your environment and your production strategies, you can help you select the most appropriate mix for you.  Find out about the ingredients used to make growing media for perennials, the factors to consider to select the right mix and much more

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  • The selling price of crops has not drastically risen over the past decades, but the cost of everything else has increased at a much faster pace. Growers have been very good at optimizing their production in order to maintain decent margins in spite of the increasing expenses for transportation, labour, equipment, chemicals and much more, including growing media. When you are looking at ways to cut down on your production costs, producing your own growing mix may seem like an attractive way to save some money, especially for large-scale growers. It certainly appears to have fewer implications than molding your own containers or manufacturing your own water-soluble fertilizers.

    Although some initial investment is required (building, hoppers, conveyors, mixer), the potential return on investment can be very appealing. However, many intangible elements of making your own mix can be overlooked leading to unforeseen additional costs that can have significant repercussions on your bottom-line. Before ordering and installing a mix line, it is important to carefully evaluate all the implications and validate that this is indeed a viable investment. Let’s explore some key costs that are often overlooked. 

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  • You don’t get conventional thinking at Berger.  You get access to a breadth of expertise few can match. Berger’s technical team members are conducting groundbreaking work in growing mixes to achieve unmatched results in the field. Our success in helping customers achieve better production time and higher crop yields is underpinned by a commitment to scientific excellence and decades of experience in providing consistently high-quality growing mixes. Learn more about the team who has made Berger the authority in growing mixes.

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