The Perennial Farm  

Glen Arm,  MD 
United States

The Perennial Farm is entering its 41st year in business at its present location in Glen Arm, Maryland. We are a year-round wholesale grower specializing in quality landscape-sized:

  • Perennials 
  • Natives
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Hardy Ferns
  • Flowering Shrubs & Vines
  • Groundcovers
  • Succulents
  • Tropicals
  • Flowering Bulbs

We are dedicated to providing garden centers, re-wholesalers & landscapers with a high level of customer service & support. 

Recognized as the "Price Value Leader", we have expanded to over 60 total acres, more than 70 greenhouses, an additional 52 outside growing areas, and we boast more than 1,000 different varieties of plants with hundreds of thousands available at any time for purchase. The Perennial Farm grows to fulfill the "on-demand" needs of our customers - ask us about our 'Contract Grow' programs!

We deliver on our own trucks daily from southern Carolina to northern Maine and west to Ohio and everywhere in between. We can accommodate deliveries directly to your job site, even offering one-way shipping to areas beyond our usual shipping routes or USPS for smaller wholesale orders. 

We even offer custom picture labels to our garden centers and our in-house retail programs include as well as Amazon. At The Perennial Farm, 'we're growing for you!'

MANTS 2021 Virtual Schedule

January 6th
January 7th
January 8th
  • 11:00am EST - All videos uploaded to The Perennial Farm YouTube
  • 2:00pm EST - Tune in for a special closing statement from our president, Rick Watson

Brands: Deer-Leerious Plants™ ---- Treadwell™ Plants --- Solution Gardening™ program --- Mr. Big Stuff --- Proven Winners


Dr. A & The Perennial Farm Welcome you to MANTS 2020

 Press Releases

  • (Jan 04, 2021)
    Each year The Perennial Farm adds a host of new perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses, ground covers, and flowering vines. Take a closer look at over 40 varieties of new plant offerings for 2021 - see below for more details!


  • Four more varieties of giant Allium!
    We have added 'Ambassador', 'Mt. Everest', 'Gladiator', and 'White Giant' to our stacked Allium lineup for next season....

  • -
  • More New Plants for 2021
    Aquilegia Earlybird, Aster 'Pink Crush', Boltonia 'Snowbank', and Delphinium Delgenius series....

  • -
  • 2021 Catalog Additions
    Dianthus and Echinacea Kismet series!...

  • -
  • Make room in your Garden for these...
    Geranium, Helleborus, Lillium, and Monarda, oh my!...

  • -
  • New Deer-Leerious perennials!
    Check out these beautiful additions to our yard - Lavender Sensational, new Nepeta, Peonies and Pulmonaria, to name a few....

  • 0-
  • New Treadwell selections!
    Gorgeous new Rudbeckia, Carex, Weigela, Clematis, and Treadwell in production....

  • -
  • Deer-Leerious Plants
    Great plants that taste terrible! Deer-Leerious plants have been chosen through extensive research and experience as plants that deer simply do not each. We've divided these plants into three categories to help you best select for your garden!...

  • #1 - Not Eatin' This! - Highest Deer Resistance

    • You can be highly confident that deer will not eat these plants unless they are starving.
    • Plants available for sun or shade.

    #2 - Can't Stand This! - High Deer Resistance; when very stressed, deer may nibble.

    • You can be strongly confident that deer will not eat this. They are simply not interested in these varieties.
    • Plants available for sun or shade.

    #3 - Not Likin' This! - Medium to High Deer Resistance; if hungry, deer may nibble.

    • You can be confident that deer do not like this plant. They will almost always pass it by.
    • Plants available for sun or shade.
  • Treadwell Plants
    Go beyond the boring and stretch your imagination. Treadwell Plants tolerate foot traffic and are excellent groundcovers along pathways or between stepping stones and throughout your garden, patio, or deck....

  • Scatter liriope to compliment your lawn; throw a few next to a stairwell, or just plant Treadwell liriope throughout your turf for a beautiful green landscape! From sagina between your stepping stones to sedum along a brick wall, Treadwell perennials complement any walking space.

    Choose from any of three categories to spice up your garden space

    1. Heavy Traffic
    2. Medium Traffic
    3. Complimentary
  • Custom Grow Program
    The Perennial Farm specializes in tailoring "Custom Grow" programs to fit your exact perennial needs and requirements! Our extensive experience assures beautiful, well-rooted plants when you need them....

    • Custom grown programs save you time and money.
    • When perennials are contract grown, plants are very uniform since they start off in the same growth cycle.
    • With our Custom Growing Program, you have a much wider selection of varieties than are generally available.
    • When you rely on The Perennial Farm contract grown plants it eliminates the additional expense, expertise and time needed to run a greenhouse and coordinating growing dates with planting dates in the field.
    • We work with landscape contractors on larger-scale commercial and residential jobs with future plant demands. This program is also perfect for garden centers who want to be assured of specific future inventory.

    Contact our sales team for more information!

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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