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Groware is a software development company focused on the growing industry.  Our nursery suite was designed for the growers of trees and shrubs whether in-ground or container grown.  The focus is on inventory management and order fulfillment.  Regardless of your target market - retail, contractors, brokers or box stores we have the expertise to manage your order processes.  With over 100 nurseries running successfully on our applications and a number of publications featuring our solutions we would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements.

Our competitive advantage is that we own and develop our software allowing modifications to match your business rules and needs.  

Our trialing software was developed for the hemp growers offering a mobile solution for observations and tasks.   Also available is environment sensor monitoring to record temperature, humidity, light, moisture and other important variables presented in easy to read graphs and charts.  Sharing your data with other growers allows you to compare results by supplier, strain and or growing conditions.

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  • Grower / Nursery Software
    Awesome Inventory Control, Order Management, Order Fulfillment Software designed specifically for the horticulture industry. Years of experience and over 100 very successful clients....

  • Groware software is awesome - just ask our clients.

    Inentory Control is a cornerstone of our success - we understand add, disposal, move and potting transactions are different for living plants than off-the-shelf packages are made to handle.  Whether you're behind a desk or out in the field with a tablet or phone Inventory updates are simple to enter with real-time updating.

    Order Managment / Order Fulfillment is what makes your business successful.  Whether it's reseller, contractor or box-store sales we help manage your workload and work flow accurately and efficiently.

    We've teamed up with Industry leaders for best-of-breed solutions in labeling/tagging, e-commerce and sensor data collection to bring the best of the best to address your business needs.  

    Our support is domestically based ensuring a quick response and help when you need it.

  • Evoke lo-code Development
    Transitioning to mobile / web based apps while maintaining your business critical management software can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Explore the Evoke development platform to add mobile....

  • Evoke is a low cost, low-code, rapid app development platform that enables you to effectively design, develop and deploy complete employee/customer-facing apps across multiple devices from watches/mobile phones through tablets and desktops. Evoke allows you to easily create web, hybrid and native apps and fully integrate and synchronise with existing back-end systems and databases.

    Evoke is a sophisticated visual development environment that allows rapid business app development by drag and drop, point and click and option selection. Rather than provide a closed development environment as traditional 4GLs typically do, it provides an open, extensible development framework, built on industry standard principles and tool sets, with unlimited flexibility to customise as required. The framework is supported by an extensive range of actions, routines and multi-level selection processes that mean you can quickly build your user interfaces, define and manage your data, and employ Evoke functionality and business logic throughout to create your desktop, web and mobile apps

    Evoke’s advanced development platform is able to support the development of apps in no/low-code environments, through to the automated generation of complete Visual Studio projects.

    Evoke facilitates the creation of a modern line of business applications. These applications are able to run on a wide range of software and hardware platforms (iPad, iPhone, Android etc. plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop) and are capable of adapting their user interface to accommodate the physical and UI-styling differences that exist across these platforms.

    In effect, Evoke is the tool we use to move legacy applications and data from desktop applications to web apps that will run on almost any device in almost any browser.

    Please contact us if you wish to learn more about using Evoke Development.

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