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CowPots are an American Made, biodegradable, plantable pot made from composted cow manure. Developed in 2006 as a way to add value to our dairy farm's byproduct, we have been manufacturing a completely renewable and recycled alternative for growers and gardeners for over 20 years!

We manufacture 14 styles, from 3" to 17". For 2021 we are offering our newest style, #4 Round. Bulk and retail packaging available.

All CowPots products are USDA Certified 100% Biobased.

What makes CowPots the most sustainable choice?

  • 100% Plastic and Peat Free
  • Zero waste stream manufacturing   
  • Made using solar energy & methane gas
  • No pot to throw away, reducing landfill waste
  • Post consumer and recycled ingredients

What makes CowPots the best choice for growing?

  • Plant the whole pot!
  • Never remove your plant from a pot again
  • Unrestricted root penetration, never root bound
  • No cutting or tearing, reduces transplant shock
  • 80% degraded within just 3 months underground

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CowPots - a better biodegradable pot

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  • CowPots Retail Packs
    For direct to consumer sales: Chipboard packaging available for 4 popular seed starting sizes....

  • 4 popular seed starting CowPots sizes, #3 Square, #3 Six cell, #3 Round and #4 Square are available in chipboard retail packaging.

    Full cases include 12 packaged units. Each package provides POP and a UPC code.

    100% Plastic Free

    What plastic alternatives are you offering to your customers? 

    We began manufacturing CowPots as a way to better manage the nutrient rich cow manure on our farm. Manure is a renewable resource, produced on our farm everyday. CowPots are a real contender to plastic as a true, biodegradable alternative. CowPots are 'the pots you plant' and your customers will be left with nothing to throw away when they transplant their seedlings. Available as both retail packs or in bulk wholesale pots, we have a size and a quantity to match your needs.

    Plastic Alternative, Peat Free & RENEWABLE

    Retailer Review

    "They pretty much sell themselves…Every year we've sold about 15% more CowPots than the year prior."

    - Bob Twing, True Value

    How to order CowPots?
    Order directly from our Warehouse (CowPots Wholesale Store) or buy from one of our distributors:

    • Summit Responsible Solutions
    • Bradley Caldwell
    • Grower's Nursery Supply, Inc.
    • Griffin Greenhouse Supplies
    • True Value

    Want to receive a sample?
    We are happy to provide you with sample CowPots. Send an email to with the size and quantity you desire. We will process within the week of MANTS.


    What's your best selling retail pack?
    The #3 Six Cell 3 pack offers 18 planting cells and is the most economical pack option. This size is best suited for seeds that germinate quickly or cold season varieties. A great plastic alternative for your gardening customers.

    I already sell peat pots, how are these different?

    1. Peat bogs take 100 years to regenerate.
    2. CowPots are manufactured in the US by American farmers using renewable energy and ingredients. 
    3. Once planted, CowPots break down in one growing season whereas peat pots take much longer to biodegrade. A study comparing bio pots found that 3 months after transplanting, just 12% of the CowPot remained intact while 80% of the peat and fertil pots were still intact.

  • CowPots Bulk
    Biodegradable pots made from composted cow manure on an American dairy farm.
    14 styles, ranging from 3" to 17"
    * New Size for 2021!...

  • All products are USDA Certified 100% Biobased Product

    The Real Advantage to Growing in CowPots

    Root penetration through the porous pot walls is the most significant benefit that CowPots offer commercial growers. In our conversations with growers and landscapers, being able to plant the whole CowPot results in real labor savings. 


    • Not having to remove the plant from the biodegradable pot when transplanting thousands of flowering annuals. 
    • No plastic pots or trash to pick up at the end of the planting.

    Reduce waste, reduce labor, improve soil and plant health.

    Grower Review

     "My perennials in your Cow Pots have been a huge hit at our Farmer's Markets this year! People totally love how easy they are and how eco-friendly they are. I am required to sell Proven Winners in their branded plastic pots and people actually pass them by in favor of other varieties because they are in Cow Pots!"

    - Jana, Wit's End Gardens

    Product Offerings and Ordering Information

    14 Pot Styles available (view product specifications and matching carrier trays) Minimum order is a single full case:
    #3 Square, #3 Round & #3 Six cell
    #4 Square, #4 Tall, #4 Round* New for 2021
    #5 Square, Round
    #6 Square, Round
    #7 Square
    #11 Square* New in 2020
    #12 Square
    #17 Round

    How to order CowPots?
    Order directly from our Warehouse (CowPots Wholesale Store) or buy from one of our distributors:
    East coast: Griffin Greenhouse
    West coast: Growers Inc.
    Mid west: AM Leonard, Gemplers

    Want to receive a sample?
    We are happy to provide you with sample CowPots to trial or fit to your trays. Send an email to with the size and quantity you desire. We will process within the week of MANTS.

    Grower Review

    “I’m amazed how perfect this pot is for going into the field. The root mass it creates is so fibrous, no pot offers better air pruning. These are tremendous when you don’t want transplant shock.”

    - Rich Morris of Toadflax Nursery, NY


    Will it hold up long enough?
    On average, CowPots are designed to stay intact for approximately 3 months in standard greenhouse growing conditions. This can vary based on watering practices.

    Are CowPots certified organic?
    CowPots are an eco-friendly and natural alternative to plastic and peat but are not currently OMRI listed or approved for Certified Organic operations. 

    How can I tell if I’m properly watering my seedlings?
    You can tell by color and touch. When the biodegradable pot walls are dark brown and moist to the touch, they do not need to be watered. When light brown and dry, it’s time to water the plant pots again.

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