Ainong Plastics

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States

Ainong Plastics is a horticultural supplier for wholesale growers and retailers - we carry everything from grower pots, trays, packs & flats, baskets, planters, and more.  When Ainong was founded in Los Angeles, California, we recognized the horticultural industry needs to reduce production costs, and our company has been built on filling that market need.  Because many of our customers were unfamiliar with working overseas, Ainong was formed to bridge the gap between an overseas company to the US.  We’re here to help our clients connect to product 10-30% below what they have been paying, while maintaining the industry high quality requirements.  Furthermore, we are here to facilitate shipments, and will handle all customs, freight, and shipping for you, to make overseas orders easier than ever. We pride ourselves on service and innovation foremost, followed by affordable pricing and quality. 7 years later, we have grown into working with many of the top 100 greenhouse growers, as well as various retailers and big box stores.   

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