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InstantHedge offers 20+ varieties of finished hedges in 3 convenient sizes with multiple packaging options.

They are cultivated using patented technology with repeated shoot and root prunings to result in full, lush, thriving hedges with healthy fibrous root systems resulting in little to no transplant shock. 

The hedges are pre-spaced and most often shipped in biodegradable cardboard boxes to eliminate waste and ease planting.

Some of our most popular varieties are European Beech, Hicks Yew, & Arbrovitae.

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How InstantHedge Works

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  • Emerald Green is an industry standard for hedging with good reason: narrow, low-maintenance, bright green all year, cold hardy, and extremely dense. 

    Box Honeysuckle is a perfect hedge to replace Buxus hedges in areas that have been affected by Boxwood Blight. It boasts many of the same qualities - evergreen, deer-resistant, fine texture, responds well to pruning, and a leaf shape and size that is extremely similar to boxwood - without the disease worries. 

    Minimum order 24 hedge units, discount valid through 4/15/2021.

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  • Why wait 5 years for a finished hedge when you could have it in one day?

    InstantHedge is the first to bring the European model of pre-finished hedges to the US, saving landscapers countless hours of sourcing, planting, and maintenance, and saving end-users literally years of waiting for mature hedges.

    With over 20 different hedge varieties and sizes from 18"-6' tall from which to choose, InstantHedge has a perfect hedge for every project. They can be shipped nationwide within 2 weeks of ordering, no matter what time of year.

    Our patented root pruning system creates thriving, fibrous root systems around the hedge base that result in little to no transplant shock.

    Why wait? Plant an InstantHedge today!


  • InstantHedge Original
    These premium pre-finished hedges are grown to sizes anywhere from 3' to 6' tall. They are harvested in 40" long "hedge units" and shipped in biodegradable cardboard boxes that can be planted with the hedge for ultimate ease....

  • Choose from over 20 different varieties of pre-finished hedges to create instant privacy and design for your clients. These hedges are available in 3-4', 4-5', and 5-6' heights for different needs in the landscape. They are shipped in biodegradable cardboard boxes for ultimate ease in planting and no waste. The hedges are pre-spaced, so simply place end-to-end in your trench and you're done! Why wait 4-5 years for a finished hedge when you can have it in one day?
  • InstantHedge MiniHedge
    These container-grown finished hedges are shipped from 15-24" tall. They are grown and shipped in 32" long "hedge units". They are shipped on pallet racks for extremely economical shipping. Perfect for low hedges and knot gardens....

  • Our 18-24" MiniHedges are incredibly easy to plant and look completely finished from day 1. Each 32" long hedge unit contains 5 plants that are grown and pruned together to make a cohesive block of finished hedge. Simply lift the units from their containers (each weighs under 40 lbs and is easy to maneuver), place end-to-end with the other units in your trench, and you're done. We grow Green Mountain Boxwood as well as some excellent boxwood substitutes in this size. They are shipped on pallet racks that hold 24 units, or 64 linear feet, each. 

    The fastest way to plant the knot garden or low border of your client's dreams!

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