Foxborough Nursery, Inc.

Street,  MD 
United States

Established in 1978, Foxborough Nursery is a family owned wholesale nursery.  We specialize in B&B sizes of rare and dwarf conifers, unique broadleafs, as well as hard-to-find trees and shrubs.  With an emphasis on the highest quality, we also produce a wide variety of trade-standard material to offer one-stop-shopping.  Our inventory features over 900 cultivars, utilizing over 300 irrigated acres of our 525-acre agricultural operation, which is comprised of six adjacent farms in rural Harford County, Maryland. Most of the plant material begins as a rooted cutting or fresh graft produced in Foxborough Nursery’s own 3 acre propagation and container facility.  Our state of the art drip irrigation system allows us to harvest and ship most varieties all year long.  Visit us at our website: or call us to schedule a tour and personally experience our beautiful plants.


  • BETULA nigra 'Heritage'
    12-14' ms & 16-18'ms available for Spring 2021...

  • 'Heritage' aka ('Cully'), has long exemplified the best attributes of our native river birch. In comparison to seedling-grown plants of Betula nigra, it is far superior in growth rate, foliage quality, and the consistency of its most notable characteristic:  its rich salmon pink to creamy white exfoliating bark. It will tolerate a wide range of sites, but is an excellent candidate for excessively moist areas, where it is typically found growing naturally in the wild. One of the most heat tolerant of all our native Betula, ‘Heritage’ is an enduring landscape plant that reaches a mature size of 50' tall x 30-40' wide. Hardy to Zone 4.
  • CORNUS kousa var. chinensis
    2-2.5"c available for Spring 2021...

  • Cornus kousa var. chinensis represents seedlings of the superior Chinese form of Kousa Dogwood.  This botanical strain is known for vigorous growth, heavy flowering, and reliable fall color.  Inherently variable in said traits, plants of variety chinensis form upright spreading small trees adaptable to an impressive range of landscape conditions.  With age, most Kousa dogwoods develop a fascinating pattern of exfoliating bark in a mosaic of earthy tones.  Mature size is in the range of 20-25' tall with a similar spread. Hardy to Zone 5.

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