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I Must Garden takes pride in providing safer alternatives for gardening and pest control. Our all natural products are formulated with food grade ingredients and are safer around children and pets. Guaranteed to work, proven effective with an excellent reputation with professionals and home gardeners across the USA. A top performer in the repellent category with incredible customer service. I Must Garden is a must for your store and customers.


I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent

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  • Natural Pest Repellents & Insect Controls
    I Must Garden offers a wide range of powerful pest repellents and insect controls that are safe for the environment, pleasantly scented, and sold exclusively to independent retailers....

  • Over the past 15 years, I Must Garden has become one of the premier names in natural pest repellents. Our attractive packaging and brightly colored labels are instantly recognizable on a busy shelf, and our brand’s strong reputation and commitment to independent stores help drive customers to your door and convert sales. We offer a wide range of natural, pest-specific formulas that have each been extensively tested and proven to prevent damage from the targeted animal or insect. We use more active ingredients in higher concentrations to provide you, and your customers, with a naturally stronger and more reliable repellent. All I Must Garden products are formulated to be pleasantly scented and safe for people, pets, and the environment.

    For detailed information about all of our repellents and insect controls, please visit our website: www.IMustGarden.com

    Deer - Spice & Mint Scent [DA-DG] The finest deer repellents available. Long-lasting, effective, and pleasantly scented. Spice Scent is perfect any time of the year. It has a spicy scent to effectively repel deer - not people. Mint Scent, with Kelp, includes a minty blend of botanical oils that, in addition to repelling deer helps repel insects. Kelp is a fantastic foliar feed for naturally stronger plants. Choose one or both! They’re both equally effective and can be used any time of the year.

    Mole & Vole [MV] Works by coating the food source and surrounding habitat making it taste and smell bad, forcing the animals o! the treated area in search of better food. Eco-friendly and won’t harm plants or turf.

    Rabbit [RA] An environmentally safe, humane, and effective way to control rabbits from eating and chewing plants, flowers, and bark. A complex formula designed specifically for rabbits.

    Groundhog [GH] Keeps groundhogs from destroying your garden! All-natural ingredients may be sprayed directly on plants to protect from hungry groundhogs. 

    Animal [GAR] Herbivores (deer, rabbits, and groundhogs) instinctively avoid areas treated with our granular animal repellent because it signifies the presence of carnivores (meat-eaters). A perfect solution for large beds of low growing plants or as an alternative to spraying! 

    Dog & Cat [DOG] Keeps dogs and cats from plants, flower beds, trees, and more. Use the liquid for chewing problems and the granular for digging problems. The spray and granular may be used together for even greater control. The blend of natural ingredients repels without harm and is a great training aid.

    Snake [SN] Repel snakes from around homes, gardens, pools, campsites, and more with our natural repellent. Eco-friendly, effective and it will not harm snakes. Keeps snakes away with a complex and potent blend of botanical oils. Woodsy cedar scent –no harsh naphthalene (mothballs) smell or danger

    Squirrel [SQ] Available in both a liquid and granular form. For Chewing: The liquid may be sprayed on buds, flowers, leaves and bulbs, garden furniture, and flowerpots. To protect your bulbs use as a bulb dip before planting. For Digging: The granular form can be sprinkled in flowerpots and garden beds to repel them.

    Goose [GO] Environmentally safe, using only natural ingredients, our Goose Repellent discourages geese from feeding, nesting, and fouling in & around treated areas. 

    Bed Bug [BB] Kills and repels all stages of bed bugs without nasty chemicals. Bed Bug Control has a subdued mint scent with undertones of cedar. Safe for you, deadly for bed bugs!

    Mosquito, Tick, & Flea [MTF] Put an end to the annoyances of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gnats, chiggers, and no-see-ums. Kills mosquito larvae and insects on contact and repels up to 30 days. For use in yards, gardens, playgrounds, around pools and decks. Perfect to take on barbecues, picnics, and camping.

    Ant [ANT] Effectively kills and repels ants both indoors and out without using harmful or poisonous chemicals. Keep ants from invading kitchens and cupboards, use around the foundation of your house to prevent ants from coming inside. Can also be used as a soil drench to eliminate ant nests.

    Insect [IN] For use on indoor and outdoor plants. The combination of natural ingredients will kill and repel aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, thrips, lace bugs, mealy bugs, scale, leafhoppers, and more.

    To place an order OR request 2021 pricing information, please call/email our sales department:

    Phone: 877-446-2929

    Email: Sales@IMustGarden.com

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