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Arber represents the future of gardening with a New Wave of Plant Wellness Products. Our line of Bio-Controls, Bio-Stimulants and Bio-Nutrients are made with Patented Biological ingredients that perform equal to or better than current synthetic Chemicals and Natural solutions while keeping people, pets, pollinators and planet safe.

BIOLOGICALS are powerful, naturally occurring substances such as bacteria, microbes, and plant extracts that prevent plant diseases, control unwanted pests, and promote unparalleled growth and abundance, all while doing good for us and our mother earth.

Arber will offer you and your customers:

• Patented Biological Solutions with Proven Results

• Competitive Pricing + Strong Margins

• An Enticing, Beautiful and Education Oriented Brand Experience that engages current customers and attracts a new high net worth audience into your stores

Plant Care as Natured Intended It.

Together, we can Grow a Better World.

Brands: Arber Biologicals


  • Bio Nutrients//Plant Food
    A natural immunity boost for greener leaves and more blooms.

  • Sku 4 of 4: Arber Plant Probiotic//Nutrient

    • Protein infused plant food
    • Supplement for indoor gardening and houseplants
    • Improves Soil Fertility, root to shoot ratio and plant health
    • Infused with Rosemary for antioxidant benefits
    • Best for indoor use
    • May be used on Houseplants and Ornamentals
    • Ingredients: 3-2-1 Nitrogen
    • OMRI Certified
    • Approved for Organic Gardening
    • 16 oz Concentrate//2x oz per 32oz of Water//8x Doses or Gallons of Spray

  • Bio Controls & Bio Stimulants
    Arber's Biological suite of products is comprised of 3x out of 4x launch skus that are made to control insects, prevent disease and provide general plant health boosting benefits....

  • Sku 1 of 4: Arber Bio Protectant//Stimulant
    • Boosts plants' defenses
    • Strengthens plants' immunity
    • Improves plant health
    • Best for Outdoor Use and Dry Weather 
    • May be used on vegetables, roses, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage, houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs
    • Controls and Prevents Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Black Spot on Rose, White Mold, Leaf Spot, Rust and More!
    • Ingredients: Knotweed Plant Extract 
    Sku 2 of 4: Arber Bio Fungicide//Control
    • For control or suppression of fungal and bacterial plant diseases
    • Best for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Wet Rainy Weather
    • May be used on vegetables, roses, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage, houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs
    • Controls and Suppresses Grey, White, Water and Downy Mildews, Black Spot on Roses, Leaf Spot, Rust, Botrytis and More!
    • Ingredients: Reynoutria sachalinensis bacteria derived from a rice field
     Sku 3 of 4: Arber Bio Insecticide//Control
    • Prevents insect and mite build up
    • For plant bugs and the suppression of soil-dwelling pests
    • Best for Indoor/Outdoor Use
    • May be used on vegetables, fruits, nuts, flowers, foliage, tropical plants, and ornamental plants, trees and shrubs
    • Protection from Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Mites, Mealybugs, Leafhoppers, Tent Caterpillars, Grubs, Leaf Beatles, Thrips, Whiteflies, Stink Bugs, Fruit Flies and More!
    • Ingredients: Burkholderia spp. strain A396 bacteria
    All 3x of the above skus are:
    • ​OMRI Certified
    • Approved for Organic Gardening
    • 16 oz Concentrate//1x oz per Gallon of Water//16x Doses or Gallons of Spray

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