Pope's Plant Farm Inc.  

Greenback,  TN 
United States

Pope's is a family-owned and operated farm with 2 growing locations in eastern Tennessee near Knoxville.  We grow over 100 varieties of succulents.  Order assortments or by the variety in solid or mixed trays.  Variety tags included.  See our catalog and order forms at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.

We have a huge selection of combo containers from 2.5" pots to 18" window boxes.  Including terra cotta, cement, and ceramic planters,  Rustic and Talavera pots from Mexico, and value plastic containers.  

Ship on wooden display racks or palletized boxes.  Order a preset assortment or create your own custom rack.  Racks include POP at no extra charge.  Boxed shipping offers added ordering flexibility.

Low minimum order, weekly availabilities.  $600 minimum order.  Advance orders available or use our weekly availability.  Order by 5 pm Eastern on Thursday, ship the following Monday.

Firm freight rates, no surprises.  Freight rates are published in our catalog so you know ahead of time what your landed cost will be.  We ship the entire continental Unites States except for AZ and CA. 

Contact us at succulents@popesplantfarm.com or by phone at (865) 856-8099.  Or email Sara Melton at smelton@popesplantfarm.com.

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  • Pope's Basic Succulents
    We grow over 100 varieties of succulents in 2" and 3.5" pots. They can be ordered assorted or by variety. Select varieties also grown in 6" pots. Variety tags come standard....

  • At the core of our program is a huge selection of succulent varieties.  You can order 2", 3.5", and 6" succulents assorted or by variety from our weekly availabilities.  2" can be ordered in solid trays or mixed trays with up to 4 varieties.  Pre-season orders are assorted plants only.  If you order multiple assorted trays, your selections will be handpicked to minimize duplication of varieties.  
  • Pope's Terra Cotta Combos
    Clay Combos in 4, 6, and 8-inch pots....

  • Succulents and Terra Cotta are a natural combination.  We have 4”, 6”, and 8” Clay Combos at value prices.  Terra Cotta Hearts in 4” and 6” are great for Mother’s Day, and sell well all year long.  See all the choices in our catalog at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.

  • Pope's Succulent Hanging Baskets
    Basic succulents in 6-inch plastic hanging baskets. Succulent combinations in 8-inch Coco and Woodland Baskets plus a variety of hanging ceramic planters....

  • Choose from basic succulents in 6-inch hanging baskets like Aptenia, Burro’s Tail, String of Pearls, Fish Hoods, and more.  8-inch Succulent combinations in Coco and Woodland baskets expand your spring hanging basket selection and are an easy to grow alternative to blooming baskets for small spaces, apartment balconies, and busy people.  We also have ceramic and cement hanging planters and wall planters.  See all the choices in our catalog at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.

  • Pope's Cement Planter Combos
    We offer 50 different styles of cement planter succulent combos....

  • Cement planters range from natural shapes like logs, driftwood, and shells to the strong geometric patterns in the Ebony Art series.  The Distressed Cement planters have classic styling that fits a range of design styles both indoors and outside and come in sizes from 2.5 to 10 inches wide.  See all the choices in our catalog at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.

  • Pope's Colorful Containers
    Brighten up your succulent display with colorful pottery....

  • Succulent displays can sometimes look bland, with just many shades of green.  Brighten up your succulent display with colorful pottery. From earth tones to bright spring colors.  See all the choices in our catalog at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog
  • Pope's Novelty Planters
    Perfect for impulse buys....

  • Easy to grow succulents in cute novelty planters are fast impulse buys.  Great for gifts.  Perfect for small spaces.  Choose from cats, dogs, alpaca, unicorns, colorful skulls and more.  See all the choices in our catalog at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.
  • Pope's Rustic and Talavera
    Succulent combos in Rustic and Talavera planters imported from Mexico....

  • We import hand made Rustic and Talavera from Mexico.  Choose from animals shapes like hens, pigs, frogs, and more, plus a range of pottery styles.  See all the choices in our catalog at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.

  • Pope's Display Racks
    Display racks with POP...

  • Ship succulents directly on display racks or in boxes on a pallet.  You can choose from pre-set racks or create your own custom rack using our rack order form.  Racks must ship full and meet a $600 minimum, but you can start with just one.  Park it in a high traffic area for excellent dollars per square foot of profit.  Racks include full POP free of charge.  Find Rack and Box Order Forms at www.popesplantfarm.com/spring-2021-catalog.

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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