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The Pursell family has been in the business of agriculture for more than 100 years, and has long pioneered the use of polymer coating for the purpose of controlling fertilizer release rates and enhancing nutrient-use efficiency. Pursell Agri-Tech, based in Sylacauga, Alabama, is committed to expanding on this legacy by developing and commercializing sustainable, next-generation controlled-release fertilizer and coating technologies that increase agricultural output and productivity while reducing the impact on the environment.

We’ve led the charge on introducing coated fertilizer to the Turf and Ornamental and Specialty Agriculture market segments. We were also one of the first companies to bring sulfur coated and polymer coated fertilizers to the masses. PurKoteTM was developed as a state of the art, new and improved controlled release fertilizer designed for use in turf and ornamental applications. Nursery and greenhouse operating conditions are some of the toughest to grow under and you need a fertilizer that will support your needs. PurKote’s Adaptive Nutrient Delivery system is driven by temperature allowing for consistent release under excessive water conditions. PurKote also reduces loss from leaching with flexible durations from 30 days up to 2 years. PurKote is designed to meet your precise standards and offers the widest variety of substrates. Regardless of pH levels, moisture conditions or microbial activity, PurKote is engineered to be as reliable and flexible as your customers expect you to be.

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20-6-9 NPK plus Micros f rom Pursell Agri-Tech

 Press Releases

  • Sylacauga, Ala. (October 27, 2020) – Pursell Agri-Tech is pleased to introduce its new 20-6-9 Plus Micros, the latest in its lineup of innovative controlled-release fertilizers.


    The new 20-6-9 Plus Micros fertilizer provides advantages for growers, with a controlled-release formulation that provides plants with a complete package of macro and micro nutrients. The rate of release can be customized to a grower’s needs so that nutrients are released over a period of up to 18 months, which means that growers can save labor with fewer applications.


    Through controlled-release coating technology, nutrients are available to plants at the precise point in the growing cycle when the plant needs them, improving their ability to uptake the nutrients. Controlled nutrient release rates reduce fertilizer loss caused by volatilization and leaching, which saves money and is more environmentally friendly.


    Application method is flexible: 20-6-9 Plus Micros may be used as a top dress or incorporated into soil or other media.


    The new 20-6-9 Plus Micros fertilizer is now available for order and can be customized to your specific needs. For more information contact Jason Woulfin, Director of Domestic Sales, at jason@fertilizer.com or (404) 884-8816.


  • PurKote 20-6-9 with Micros
    PurKote 20-6-9 with Micros. Special formulation for ornamentals....

    • Integrated micronutrient package to provide the necessary nutrients for healthier plants 
    • Nitrate based Nitrogen package
    • Longevity from 60 to 360 Days
    • Ability to Blend with different longevities to offer staged release rates
    • Reduce applications, Reduce labor cost
    • Reduced nutrient losses
  • PurKote with microPact
    PurKote with microPact...

    • Polymer-coated micronutrient package
    • Offers multiple micronutrient including Chelates to improve availability
    • Provides micronutrients that are not in your standard NPK’s
    • Helps prevent micronutrient deficiencies in plant to give you a healthier plant
    • Capability to blend with other Products to reduce application rates
  • PurKote Product List
    Pursell PurKote Ornamental Products....

  • PurKote™ is designed to meet nursery and greenhouse operating standards.  Regardless of pH levels, moisture conditions or microbial activity, PurKote is engineered to be as reliable and flexible as your customers expect you to be.

    Nitrogen Products

    • 30 Day 45-0-0
    • 45 Day 44.5-0-0
    • 60 Day 44.3-0-0
    • 90 Day 44-0-0
    • 120 Day 43-0-0
    • 180 Day 42-0-0
    • 270 Day 40-0-0
    • 360 Day 38-0-0

    Homogenous 22-7-10 Fe+Mg+Mn+Mo

    • 90 Day 20-6-9
    • 180 Day 20-6-9
    • 270 Day 19-6-8
    • 360 Day 18-5-8

    Calcium Nitrate Products

    • 15-0-0-16 30 Day
    • 14-0-0-15 60 Day
    • 14-0-0-15 90 Day

    Ammonium Sulfate Products

    • AS 20-0-0-23S 60 Day
    • AS 19-0-0-22S 90 Day

    Homogenous 12-6-24 Mg+Ca+B+Mn+Zn

    • 90 Day 11-5-22
    • 180 Day 11-5-21
    • 240 Day 10-5-20

    Specialty Products

    • MOP 0-0-60 60 Day
    • SOP 0-0-48 60 Day
    • SOP 0-0-47 90 Day
    • SulpoMag 0-0-22 90 Day
    • SulpoMag 0-0-21 180 Day
    • Mini AS 90 Day
    • Mini SOP 90 Day
    • Mini Urea 41-0-0 90 Day

    Homogenous 21-7-14

    • 45 Day 20-6-13
    • 90 Day 19-6-13
    • 180 Day 19-6-12
    • 240 Day 18-6-12
    • 270 Day 17-6-12
    • 360 Day 16-5-11

    Potassium Nitrate Products

    • 90 Day 12-0-45
    • 180 Day 12-0-44
    • 270 Day 11-0-43

    Phosphorus Products

    • 90 Day MAP 10-49-0
    • 180 Day MAP 10-48-0

    Homogenous 15-15-15

    • 90 Day 14-14-14
    • 180 Day 13.5-13.5-13.5
    • 270 Day 13-13-13

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