Arcola Creek Nursery

Madison,  OH 
United States

What's in your Landscape Palette???  Arcola Creek's B&B product line offers a Distinctive Palette of Landscape Plants for all Four Seasons.  We are a 'niche' nursery, offering choice varieties of some hard-to-find Woody Ornamentals and Woody Natives.  Our selections will bring Drama and Delight to your landscape designs that your customers will love!  Whether you want Colorful Flowers and Foliage and Fruit, Texture of Bark and Foliage, we have something that will meet your unique needs.  Shipping needed?  We'll make the arrangements! 

For Christmas and the Holiday Season, we offer Winterberry stems in various lengths, bunched or bulk.

Looking for liners?  We do some custom propagation -- please inquire.

Visit us at or call 440-428-7497 or email to get the Current List of Available Inventory items.

Vic or Elaine will be available to assist you with your nursery stock needs and answer your questions.


Arcola Creek Nursery - B&B Nursery Stock Preview 2021


  • B&B Field Grown Nursery Stock for Landscaping
    B&B Nursery Stock - ornamental shrubs and small ornamental trees for the distinguished landscape. Add Color, Fragrance, Flowers, Texture to enhance the outdoor home environment....

  • B&B Product Line:  Woody Ornamentals including Natives and plants for wetlands and drier locations, as well as named varieties for high profile locations in the landscape.  Aesculus, Amelanchier, Buxus, Calycanthus, Cephalanthus, Chamaecyparis, Chionanthus, Clethra, Cornus varieties, Cotinus, Daphne - Our Signature Plant, Euonymus, Fothergilla, Franklinia, Hamamelis intermedia - several CultivarsHydrangea paniculata, Ilex - deciduous Winterberry and evergreen meserveae varieties, Lindera, Magnolia - a number of varieties including Yellow Flowering and unusual, Physocarpus, Rhododendron, Syringa, Thuja, and a number of Viburnum varieties.  

    Winterberry Holly for Christmas Season - cut branches in various lengths (bunched or bulk packing) for outdoor or indoor decoration.  

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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