Mitchell Ellis Products, Inc.  

Semmes ,  AL 
United States

Since 1977 Mitchell Ellis has been providing machinery specially developed for the nursery and greenhouse market. We manufacture a line of soil mixers, continuous soil mixing lines, flat , tray and pot fillers, potting machines, and soil and plant moving conveyors . We also sell shipping carts , tracking wagons and dollies. We have developed many machines that have now become an industry standard , providing years of reliable service. 


Potting Machine - EZ Potter Bare Root - Ellis Products
Patented Potting Machine doing 1 gallon production
Coirbuster Industrial System


  • Ez Potter Max
    Easy to use and maintain. Save tons of money and gain quality with the Ez Potter Max .

  • Pots 1 gallon to 15 gallon pots.  Can drill up to a 3 gallon hole.
    Has a 4 yard hopper
    Uses a Stainless Steel elevator chain to last you through many potting seasons.
    Can add custom multi drill head or dibblers.

    3″ into 1gal ~ 3000 per hour
    1gal into 3gal ~2000 per hour
    1gal into 7gal ~1800 per hour
    3gal into 10gal ~900 per hour
    Patented potting machine. ( shown below with Optional Wagon Tow Package)

  • Coir Buster 1
    Mitchell Ellis Products holds a United States Patent for a device to break apart compressed blocks of coconut coir. The machine is a one of a kind and only found at Mitchell Ellis Products.
    We offer this machine in a few different models....

  • This machine is successfully used with compression rates of 4 to 1 all the way up to 10 to 1 ratios. The process is gentle and simply rubs the coir apart in a dry state. Water is added on the exit of the machine through water bars in the auger. Many growers have recognized that coir can be used as an amendment or even as a whole growing media. Coir has been around for some time but it has previously been a problem to break apart with-out damage to the fibers. Some people have tried shredders but the damage is to great . Our Coir Buster 1 machine will process a metric ton of coir in about 40 minutes depending on screen size, this machine is most commonly used for smaller growers.
  • ICM4 Soil Mixer
    The Ellis Products ICM4 is designed to be a high production machine for mixing nearly all types of soil....

  • The ICM4 can mix a batch in 2-4 minutes, discharging in 90 seconds. It is faster than a spiral mixer and more compact than continuous soil mix systems. The ICM4 has a rear door for hand loading bag materials or peat moss bails. With the back door closed you can use a front end loader to fill the machine with bulk materials.This machine offers SUPER heavy duty construction. The sides of the machine are made of 3/16″ plate, the top rear shaft is easily accessible for change out, and easy floor removal for replacement after years and years of ownership!

    This new design of the ICM4 Soil Mixer just adds to the well deserved heavy duty “tank” reputation it has gotten over the years of production.

    This is a horticultural Soil Less media mixer designed to mix no more than 28 lbs per cubic foot.

    Soil less means it might look like soil, but it’s actually just a mix of organic matter like peat, wood chips, or coco coir, perlite and/or vermiculite, and often a slow-release fertilizer. There’s no inorganic matter like sand, silt, or clay involved, which means that the mix technically isn’t soil.”


    • Soil Chute.

    • Soil bagger sealer attachment.

    • Foot Controls and timers.

    • Tongue and Axle tow package.

    • Caster Wheels.

    • Water bar.

    • Soil bagging conveyors.

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