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GrowerTalks|Green Profit is the premier industry magazine for commercial greenhouse growers and retail garden centers. With circulation more than 24,000 and a focus on all things horticulture, GrowerTalks|Green Profit combines the best in growing, retailing and consumer insights into one premium monthly publication. There is nothing else like it. Visit to subscribe.

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  • TECH ON DEMAND brought to you by GrowerTalks magazine is available on all the major podcast players – Apple PodcastsSpotifyTuneInPodbeanStitcher and more. Subscribe now and never miss an episode. Senior Editor Bill Calkins is behind the microphone of this interview-style podcast with the goal of helping you grow your best crop ever by sharing cultural and technical information based on discussions with green industry experts around the globe, although sometimes he’ll cover other topics in the horticulture realm, like nursery and retail.

    You’ll already find more than a dozen episodes covering topics ranging from pest and disease management to greenhouse sanitation – perfect content to help you and your teams prepare for Spring 2021! More episodes will come as relevant topics arise, so subscribe today and add this digital tool to your greenhouse toolbox. Listen to TECH ON DEMAND as you work, drive, exercise or wherever you need a horticultural pick me up.

    Look for TECH ON DEMAND brought to you by GrowerTalks  magazine on your favorite podcast app or find all episodes at


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  • Dr. Matthew Chappell’s e-newsletter Nursery & Landscape Insider covers the inner workings of the nursery and landscape industry. An associate professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia, Matthew's areas of expertise are nursery production and management, plant breeding/genetics, plant pathology, entomology and public gardens management/maintenance.  Sign up at or email for advertising information.
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  • GrowerTalks|Green Profit magazine is the leading resource in horticultural information. Whether you operate a nursery, greenhouse, garden center or landscape operation, you’ll get great information every month within the pages. Free to qualified subscribers:

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