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Our company has been supplying high quality seeds to plant growers and nurserymen all over the world since 1957. We offer an extensive selection of over 3700 species and varieties. Our headquarters in Germany and our offices in the US, UK and Japan will assist you wherever possible.



  • Alyssum saxatile 'Gold Kobold'
    New compact form of Alyssum saxatile is the earliest flowering/best performing in our trials. Alyssum 'Gold Kobold'-first year flowering- sow in spring for fall blooming plants. 12cm tall in flower. Zone range of 3-9.

  • The beautiful and versatile Alyssum saxatile, has been a gardener's staple in rockeries and rock gardens since the 1600's. An early spring bloomer, it is one of those plants that brightly welcomes us back into the garden after the dark days of winter. Jelitto's breeding team has developed a new compact form that is the earliest flowering and best perfoming in our trials which include known cultivars such as 'Summit' and 'Gold Rush'. Delightful golden flowers from March through May are just the beginning of the show.

    We have named it 'Gold Kobold' because of its spritely habit (kobold means gnome or sprite….a mischievious creature in German folklore) and generous rebloom in autumn. Because this new Alyssum is first year flowering, you can sow in spring for fall blooming plants---no vernalization needed! Hello garden centers! Hello container gardeners! Trough gardeners! Rock gardeners! Small garden gardeners! 'Gold Kobold' thrives with good drainage, and full sun and if given what it likes will reward you with seasons of golden delight. Alyssum saxatile is on the RHS Plants for Pollinators list as it provides nectar and pollen for bees and other insects. 'Gold Kobold' will continue to support the pollinating community well into the fall.

    Standing just 12cm (?) tall while flowering, these are super hardy plants with a Zone range of 3-9. From autumn garden center sales to seasonal container plantings, there is always a niche to be filled. 'Gold Kobold' is the obvious choice.

  • CAMPANULA trachelium fl. pl. ’Flore Pleno Mix'
    Semi-double flowers in a mix of colors...white, pink, purple, blue....blooming July -Sept. 36 inches tall hardy ZOnes 3-9...

  • Campanula trachelium 'Flore Pleno Mix', the nettle-like double bellflower, is one of those perennials that is simply a joy in the garden. As a sturdy plant, it is ideally adapted to all kinds of climatic conditions. It tolerates dry periods in summer and light soils, loves the sun and feels at home in partial shade, competes against weeds and is stable upright. As a seedling in the landscape, it closes open spaces and improves every garden design. In fact, every garden becomes fabulous with this Campanula included, whose bell-shaped flowers look like porcelain in detail. As beautiful as the nuances of the double, violet, light blue and white flowers may be, a mass planting produces a breathtaking sight from July to September.

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