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  • • Place an order for $1200 to $2499 and receive 5% off regular pricing and 75 Days Dating from the date of shipment. 10% off of regular pricing for bird and squirrel feeders. • Place an order for $2500 or more and receive 10% off of regular pricing and 120 Days Dating from the date of shipment. 15% off of regular pricing for bird and squirrel feeders.

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  • (Nov 20, 2020)


    Cordless electric secateurs designed for pruning vineyards. Can also be used for cutting back shrubs and small trees.

    On-board battery: completely free movement when pruning removing the constant fear of cutting the cord in the heat of the action.

    Perfect for folks with medium to small hands.


    1. High quality Japanese steel blade provides precise cutting performance

    2. Progressive cut with two blade openings (15 mm & 32 mm) for different pruning needs.
    3. Soft grips for comfort

    4. 14.4V removable battery pack shaped to the housing of the secateurs

    5. Comes with one additional battery


  • Zenport QV8 Hand-Pruner
    Heavy-duty premium Japanese steel blade hand-pruner. Designed for high-volume pruning applications. Cutting capacity of 1.0" with ergonomic handles....

  • Features a unique auto-unlocking mechanism that allows the user to unlock the blades with just one hand with just a slight squeeze of the handle. Blades can then be re-locked with just one hand by using your thumb to reset the blade lock. Replacement blades and springs are available if needed. One of the highest quality pruners that Zenport manufactures in our production facility in Taiwan and includes a limited lifetime warranty.
  • MV20 Light-weight tree/shrub/rose pruning lopper
    The Zenport MV20 light-weight tree/shrub/rose/vine lopper is the ideal choice for customers wanting a lighter weight high quality pruning tool....

  • The MV 20 is a professional grade light-weight blue aluminum handle 20" lopper.  It is ideal for making pruning cuts up to 1.5" of live plant material and is specifically designed for tree, shrub, rose and vineyard pruning applications.  The blades are high quality forged steel and will make a clean cut with minimal effort and can easily be used for extending pruning tasks due to the light weight of the tool.  Replacement parts are readily available as needed.  Factory packed 6 per box and manufactured in the Zenport production plant in Taiwan.

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