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We offer superior plastic plant trays and pots that improve the growing process. Within the horticulture market, we are recognized as plug tray experts and efficiency innovators with time-tested strategies for optimizing timelines and reducing labor costs.

Our teams have worked with some of the most prominent growers in the country, helping develop transformative thermoformed products. We offer the highest quality, most competitively priced horticulture products on the market, while meeting greenhouse and nursery expectations for on-time delivery and customer service.

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T.O. Plastics - Horticulture Pots & Trays


  • SureRoots
    Custom designed 15-count plug tray with a pop-bottom for faster transplanting....

  • Description: PL-SR-15-NV-POP BOTTOM 

    Product Code: 720723C

    Product Group: SureRoots

    Note: Perimeter Trim (in.): 12.88 x 21.19

    Cell Footprint: 3x5

    Drain Hole: Burned

    Vent Hole: N/A

    Depth (in.): 4.38

    Top (cm): 9.02

    Depth (cm): 11.13

    Top (in.): 3.55

    Max. Dry (cu. in.): 32.95

    Max. Liquid (U.S. fl. oz.): 18.25

    Qty/Case: 25

    Cs/Pallet: 56

    Recommended Plants:

    • Greenhouse
    • Edibles
    • Propagation
    • Nursery Stock
    • Nursery
  • Square Pots
    With variable sizes, colors, and features, our square pots are designed to align with every plant's purpose and any grower's operational requirements....

  • Description: SVD-550-TS-(2x4)

    Product Code: 700098C

    Product Group: Square Plant Pots

    Top Outside (in.): 5.36

    Bottom Outside (in.): 4.18

    Depth (in.): 6.0

    Top Outside (cm): 13.61

    Bottom Outside (cm): 10.62

    Depth (cm): 15.24

    Max. Dry (cu. in.): 116.56

    Max. Liquid (Metric): 1.95 (l)

    Max. Liquid (U.S.): 2.06 (qt)

    Qty/Case: 200

    Cs/Pallet: 32

    Recomended Tray: 750193C - SPT-550-8


    • Nursery
    • Greenhouse

    Recommended Plants:

    • Berries
    • Woody Ornamentals
    • Perennials

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