R & J Farms, Inc.

West Salem,  OH 
United States

R&J Farms, Inc. is a wholesale grower of shade and ornamental trees.  We are a family owned and operated farm on 186 acres in north central Ohio (Wayne county).  Our clay/loam soil provides excellent tree development.  B&B trees range in size from 1 1/2" to 4" in caliper.  We also produce #15 and #25 container trees grown in Pot & Pot for year around harvest.  Container trees range from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in caliper.  Every tree in the nursery is drip irrigated to produce a more fibrous root system.  Our goal is to produce the best trees for sale at the best possible prices.  Along with this we strive to provide the best service so that each of our customers will receive the most value for his dollars spent.

For more information, current availability or a picture library of trees we grow, go to https://www.rjfarms.com or call 419 846-3179 with any questions. The password for our AVAILABILITY LIST is quality.

Below are a few varieties of trees we grow.  There is a list of all the trees we are growing on the ABOUT page at https://www.rjfarms.com.


  • Redpointe® Maple - Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.'PP 16769
    Redpointe® Maple


  • Redpointe® Maple has a straight and dominant central leader, strong branch angles and has a fast growth rate normally found in Acer Freemanii. The balanced growth eliminates the need for a lot of pruning and shaping to develop a symmetrical canopy.

    This red maple is heat resistant, pest and disease resistant, and has an excellent bright red Fall color.

    Zone: 5
    Height: 45'
    Spread: 30'
    Shape: Broadly pyramidal
    Foliage: Dark green
    Fall Color: Bright red

  • Pink Flair® Cherry - Prunus sargentii 'JFS-KW58'
    Pink Flair® Cherry...

  • Pink Flair® Cherry is narrow and upright in form, but compact in height. This flowering cherry is well suited for urban landscapes and has a consistently bright Orange-Red Fall color. It also avoids frost damage by flowering a week or two later that other cherries.

    Zone: 3b

    Height 25'

    Spread: 15'

    Shape: Upright narrow vase

    Foliage: Dark green

    Fall Color: Orange-red

    Flower: Single pink, in clusters

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