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Babikow Greenhouses is a wholesale only plant nursery specializing in perennials, groundcovers, grasses, ferns, annuals and pansies. We are located in Baltimore, Maryland and are known for growing high-quality plants that are sold throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Babikow has been in business for 5 generations and over 146 years. Babikow Greenhouses serves Landscape Contractors, Retail Garden Centers and Nursery Re-Wholesalers.

You can place your order by logging in to our website with a self created username and password, emailing the sales staff:, or calling the office at 410.391.4200. If you're a brand new customer - welcome! We're happy to work with you, but you will need to fill out our New Customer Form first.

Babikow delivers in box trucks to the mid Atlantic states including Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware and West Virginia. We also ship north on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The fee for delivery is determined by the mileage to the destination after a minimum has been met. Check out our Delivery fees for more information, or contact us directly. We also ship via UPS or third party freight on wooden racks. Alternately, customers can come in and pick up material that they have ordered ahead of time. 

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

Our Zoom meetings will be:

Meeting ID: 989 916 6555
Passcode: 7bV24G

Wednesday, January 6th @ 9 AM Meet and Greet and @ 1 PM Perennial Plug Production

Thursday, January 7th @ 10 AM Salesperson Panel and @ 2 PM Annual Production

Friday, January 8th @ 9 AM Drone Video!


  • Native Perennials for 2021
    Try out some of our new native perennial varieties for 2021! We've trialed these stand out plants in our own gardens and in containers before offering them for sale...and they're awesome!...

  • These new native perennials will be available in quarts and/or gallons, and some will be available early in the spring season. They are:

    Arisaema triphyllum or Jack in the Pulpit

    ~A lovely spring ephemeral that comes up early, blooms, and then goes dormant for the remainder of the year. Highly sought after by creative designers, homeowners and native plant professionals, Arisaema does best in damp woodland settings with mostly shade.

    Callirhoe involucrata or Winecups

    ~Callirhoe is a plant for tough,rugged conditions, preferring a dry full sun location. Winecups grow low to the ground and produce a long tap root, but the lovely magenta flowers pop up throughout the foliage as it grows.

    Geum triflorum or Prairie Smoke

    ~This geum doesn't have an exciting flower - the real magic happens afterwards! The fluffy, pinkish purple seedhead is the best feature of this funky plant. As the common name implies, the plants do best in native prairie settings, so full sun, medium to dry soils.

    Phacelia bipinnatifida or Fern leaf Phacelia

    ~A lovely purple blue flower is produced in spring by this biennial that readily self seeds. Phacelia does best in part sun/shade, and slightly moist soil, although it's pretty tolerant of most conditions. 

    Carex rosea or Rosy Sedge

    ~Carex rosea was frequently requested by our customers because it tends to spread, and can tolerate a wide range of conditions - sun, shade, wet and dry (including the tough to fill spots in dry shade!). The common name comes from the small reddish tips on the seedheads it produces in spring.

    Carex socialis or Social Sedge

    ~Social Sedge is a short, fine textured grass that does best in part sun to shade with moist to wet soils. The plant spreads through rhizomes to form large colonies in the right locations.

    In addition to the new varieties for 2021, we also carry the following native perennials, grasses and ferns:

    Native Perennials:  Actaea, Agastache, Allium, Amsonia, Anemone, Aquilegia, Asarum, Asclepias, Aster, Baptisia, Boltonia, Chelone, Chrysogonum, Coreopsis, Dalea, Delphinium, Echinacea, Erigeron, Eryngium, Eupatorium, Filipendula, Gaura, Geranium, Helenium, Helianthus, Heliopsis, Heuchera, Hibiscus, Iris, Liatris, Lobelia, Lysimachia, Mertensia, Monarda, Oenothera, Pachysandra, Packera, Penstemon, Phlox, Physostegia, Polemonium, Polygonatum, Pycnanthemum, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Sedum, Silene, Smilacina, Sisyrinchium, Solidago, Spigelia, Stokesia, Thermopsis, Tiarella, Tradescantia, Verbena, Vernonia, Veronicastrum, Viola and Zizia.

    Native Grasses:  Acorus, Andropogon, Bouteloua, Carex, Chasmanthium, Deschampsia, Elymus, Eragrostis, Equisetum, Juncus, Muhlenbergia, Nassella, Panicum, Schizachyrium, Sorghastrum, and Sporobolus.

    Native Ferns:  Adiantum, Asplenium, Athyrium, Dryopteris, Matteuccia, Onoclea, Osmunda, Polystichum and Thelypteris.

    Native Climbers:  Clematis and Lonicera.

  • Annuals for 2021
    We are adding more than 30 varieties of annuals to our repertoire this season! We plan to continue large numbers of begonias and vincas for landscapers, but we will be adding in the following plants as well...give them a try!...

  • Impatiens Beacons Series

    ~Welcome back Impatiens!! The Beacon series is known for its downy mildew resistance, so it's safe to plant in part to full shade. Several individual colors, as well as a mix will be available this year! Plants have a nice mounding habit with brightly colored flowers covering the tops of the stems.

    Alternanthera Purple Prince

    ~Deep purple leaves with few flowers, this Alternanthera is a stunner! It does best in full sun with drier conditions, staying low and covering the ground as it spreads. It's gorgeous when cascading down in mixed containers!

    Caladium Mrs WB Halderman

    ~This caladium leaf has a red center with a white margin framed with a green edge. They get to about 12 to 18 inches tall with big, bold leaves, and do best in part to full shade, slightly moist conditions. 

    Dichondra Emerald Falls

    ~Cute, penny sized green leaves cascade in tendrils from the center of this plant. Dichondra does well as a groundcover or in a container, but it really shines when used in a hanging basket! It prefers part to full sun with medium moisture.

    Snapdragon Snapshot Autumn Mix

    ~A colorful mix including yellow, orange, red, pink and burgundy, this snapdragon mix blooms in spring and fall with tiered, cone shaped flowers that bloom over several weeks. They would do best in sun or shade with medium moisture.

  • Revamped Favorites Coming in 2021
    Here are some new varieties from your favorite annuals, like Lantana, Vinca, Marigolds and Coleus that have some new colors or features added to their already consistent performance in the landscape....

  • Coleus Heart Breaker

    ~Cheery bright pink centers surrounded by a purple margin with a neon green edge, this coleus really packs a punch! Outstanding in sun or shade, Coleus Heart Breaker gets about 14" to 16" tall, and would do well in containers or in the ground.

    Lantana Landmark series

    ~Several individual varieties are available from this series - including Citrus, Gold, Rose Glow, Sunrise Rose, White and Yellow. All are deer resistant and like full sun with medium to dry soil. The flowers fall off as they age, so no need for deadheading! The Landmark series is a more compact grower and excellent for the landscape.

    Marigold Fireball

    ~Fireball packs a fiery punch, with flowers opening dark red, fiery bronze and fading to gold before producing seeds. Marigolds want to be in full sun with medium moisture, and are resistant to most insect pests, rabbits and deer.

    Marigold Strawberry Blonde

    ~Several colors in one! The flowers open a deep pinkish-orange with a yellow crest, then fade to a straw yellow. On the shorter side, these plants stay 8 to 10 inches tall with a nice mounding habit. Marigolds do best in full sun with medium moisture.

    Vinca Tattoo series - American Pie Mix, Blueberry and Papaya

    ~The Tattoo Series features blooms that look like they are airbrushed with soft dark purple brush strokes.  American Pie is a mix of red white and blue vinca! A colorful addition to the vinca varieties we already grow. Blueberry has a dark purple/blue flower color, and the Papaya is a dark orange with a darker center. All vinca does best in full sun with medium moisture.

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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