Worthington Farms, Inc.

Greenville,  NC 
United States

Originally established in 1837, Worthington Farms began its nursery business in the 1970s and is now a full service nursery growing container (3-35 gallon) and field grown (2"-5.5" caliper B & B). We make weekly deliveries to Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Our Liner Division grows container tree and conifer liners for wholesale nursery growers. 

Our product line includes 

Acer buergeranium, Acer rubrum varieties, Acer truncatum varieties including our introduction, 'WFAT1' Main Street, Amelanchier, Betula nigra varieties, Camellias, Cercis, Chionanthus, Cryptomeria, Fagus, Gleditsia, Hydrangeas, many Ilex varieties, Juniperus,  a wide variety of Lagerstroemia cultivars, Magnolias, Myrica cerifera, Nyssa, Osmanthus, Pistacia, Platanus, multiple Quercus varieties, Thuja 'Green Giant' and 'Virginian', Ulmus 'Bosque' and Princeton', Viburnum, Vitex, and Zelkova.

Online availability at www.worthingtonfarms.com. 252-756-3827

A new addition to our business family is a Tissue Culture Company, Phyllatech LLC, currently focusing on berry production for commercial fruit growers, offering blackberry plants for 2021. www.phyllatech.com


Introduction to Worthington Farms


  • Container and field grown trees and shrubs
    Full service nursery growing container (3-35 gallon) and field grown (2"-5.5" caliper B&B). Weekly deliveries to Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Our Liner Division grows container tree and conifer liners. www.worthingtonfarms.com 252-756-3827...

  • Acer buergerianum Aeryn, Acer rubrum Brandywine & Sun Valley, Acer truncatum 'WF-AT1' Main Street, Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance, Betula Dura Heat and Heritage, Buxus Wintergem, Camillia Winter's Snowman, Kanjiro, Winter's Star, Cercis canadensis Golden Falls, Flamethrower, Forest Pansy, Ruby Falls, Merlot, Chionanthus retusus, Fagus grand., Hydrangia Limelight, Little Lime, Snow Queen, Ilex Burford, Fineline, Schwoebel, Satyr Hill, Christmas Jewel, Kassab, Greenleaf' Nellie Stevens, Oakleaf, Robin, Juniperus Idyllwild,  Spartan, Taylor, Torulosa, Lagerstroemia Biloxi, Delta Jazz, Dynamite, High Cotton, Lipan, Miami, Muskogee, Natchez, Red Rocket, Sarah's Favorite, Sioux, Tonto, Tuscorora, Tuskegee, Twilight, Magnolia  grandiflora Bracken's Brown, Little Gem, Teddy Bear, Mag. virgiana, Myrica cerifera, Nyssa sylvatica, Osmanthus, Platanus Exclamation and Bloodgood, Prunus, Quercus alba, Q. bicolor, Q. lyrata, Q. nuttallii, Q. phellos, Q. rubra, Q. shumardii, Q. Regal Prince, Thuja Green Giant, Thuja Virginiana, Ulmus Princeton, U. parvifolia Bosque, Viburnum Mariesii, Vitex Shoal Creek
  • Tissue Culture Berry Plants
    Phyllatech, a Worthington Farms family company, is a tissue culture company currently focusing on berry production for commercial growers. Blackberries will be available in 2021 with Blueberries available in 2022. www.phyllatech.com 252-228-8248...

  • PhyllaTech was created in January of 2019 on the foundation of family-values and incorporated expertise of friends to create a tissue culture lab to propagate plants for the commercial berry industry. Based in Farmville, North Carolina, our goal is to provide high quality plants to commercial growers.

    Our plants are propagated from virus-free nuclear stock under sterile conditions and are acclimated and hardened off to provide our customers with a field-ready transplant. Our initial available products are berries, but we have a wide range of expertise in different horticultural and agricultural crops. PhyllaTech offers contract services for your tissue culture projects. Please contact us to see how we can help you with your project needs!   www.phyllatech.com 252-228-8248 

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