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We offer superior plastic plant trays and pots that improve the growing process. Within the horticulture market, we are recognized as plug tray experts and efficiency innovators with time-tested strategies for optimizing timelines and reducing labor costs.

Our teams have worked with some of the most prominent growers in the country, helping develop transformative thermoformed products. We offer the highest quality, most competitively priced horticulture products on the market, while meeting greenhouse and nursery expectations for on-time delivery and customer service.

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  • 450 Tag Slot Pot & Carry Tray
    This 1-quart square pot features tag slots on all four sides and pairs with a 10-count carry tray....

  • The 450 square pot's tag slots are durable and seamless (product #700162C), while the carry tray's low profile (product #705200C) allows for visibility of all branding types: hanging tags, adhesive tags, and stake tags. 

    Pot Specs At a Glance: 
    Description: SVD-450-TS
    Product Code: 700162C
    Top Outside: 4.20 inches
    Bottom Outside: 3.10 inches
    Depth: 5.19 inches
    Max. Dry: 58.27 cubic inches
    Qty/Case: 500
    Cs/Pallet: 24

    Carry Tray Specs at a Glance:
    Description: SPT-450-TS-10-PF-LP-BK-50
    Product Code: 705200C
    Width: 8.40 inches
    Length: 21.00 inches
    Depth: 4.66 inches
    Capacity: Holds 10 SVD-450-TS Pots
    Qty/Case: 50
    Cs/Pallet: 40

    This product duo is designed to support efficiencies in your operation. It is compatible with automation processes - denesting quipment, fork systems and flat fillers - to keep you moving at the speed you are accustomed to. Secondly, it is press fill compatible for added labor savings. As you eliminate the need to load trays one pot at a time, you can realize up to 75% labor reduction savings.

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