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  • LB-R500 Live Ladybugs
    Live ladybugs contained in a tamper resistant cup packed 24 selling units per case.
    Ladybugs eat 50 soft bodied insect pests per day. They are non-invasive and will not bite humans. Ladybugs usually fall within the top 3 selling items at Garden Centers....

  • Ladybugs (hippodamia convergense) have been used as a natural means of pest control since the early 1900's. They are non-invasive and considered to be a symbol of 'good luck' in many cultures throughout the world. Once they are released, they will consume a veriety of soft bodied pests to include: Aphids, Thrips, Mealybugs, Juvenile Whitfly, Spidermites and more. Supplies of this beneficial insect are limited every year, so it makes sence to prebook your orders as soon as you are able. Be sure to ask us about our 'Authorized Dealer' program as well. Please feel free to visit our website for further details about this product.

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