HOTBIN Composting of North America

Odessa,  FL 
United States

The HOTBIN is an aerobic composting bin designed to make composting cleaner, simpler, and convenient for modern households. HOTBIN is made of Polypropylene Foam (EPP), a material that has been steadily gaining global recognition as the material of choice for high-value, safety-critical automotive and aerospace applications. EPP has excellent insulation properties that allow producing rich compost in just 30-90 days.  HOTBIN comes in two sizes: HOTBIN 100LT Mini for small households (1-4); and HOTBIN 200LT MK2 for larger households.

HOTBIN Composting Benefits:

  • Composts all year round
  • Composts 32 times faster than traditional cold compost bins
  • Recycles garden waste, fruit, and vegetables, left-over food waste
  • Heats up to a temperature of 140°F 
  • Contains a carbon bio-filter to minimize odors

HOTBIN Composting NA, part of Engineered Foam Products UK, is the manufacturer and distributor of HOTBIN Composting in North America.

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Brands: HOTBIN is a composting bin that works year-round recycling food and garden waste into rich compost in just 30-90 days. Design to make composting cleaner, simpler, and convenient for modern households.


  • HOTBIN 100 LT Mini & HOTBIN 200LT MK2
    The HOTBIN composter works year-round to recycle food and garden waste into rich, organic compost quickly. Bacteria naturally produce heat as they digest your waste and HOTBIN's highly insulating walls locks in the heat, and produce compost in 30-90 days...

  • There are two models

    1. HOTBIN 100LT  Mini (26 gal.) - Winner of RHS CHELSEA Product of the Year 2019 for efficiencies and design.
      The HOTBIN Mini has the same features and benefits as the larger size. It has been designed for households of 1-3 people who have less waste. 
    2. HOTBIN 200LT  Mk2 (52 gal.) 
      The HOTBIN Mk.2 has a greater composting capacity than the HOTBIN Mini. However, it features a leachate collection system (also on HOTBIN Mini) that provides liquid fertilizer from the front-bottom valve. The leachate (liquid fertilizer) is naturally created as part of the HOTBIN composting process and is now capped to prevent the liquid from continually seeping from the aeration mesh and allowing you to tap it off and collect it as liquid fertilizer as needed.

    Quick and easy composting with HOTBIN

    • Composts 32 times faster than cold composting in the market
    • Easy to set up and use with no assembly required
    • No power source, accelerators, or activators needed
    • Compost more types of waste

    Composting Volume Capacity:  HOTBIN 200LT Mk2,  52 Gal; and HOTBIN 100LT Mini, 26 Gal.

    Weight:  HOTBIN 200LT Mk2,  18 lbsl; and HOTBIN 100LT Mini, 9 lbs..

    Material: Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), 1 inch thick insulating walls to retain heat

    Dimensions:  MK2, 24” L x 22” W x 44” H; and Mini, 17” L x 17” W x 44” H

    What’s included with your HOTBIN? 

    • Lid thermometer to monitor temperature
    • Airtight lid and bio-filter to minimize odors
    • Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
    • Removable front hatch to harvest new compost

    The EXTRAS you receive:

    • Extra thermometer to track the HOTBIN’s internal temperature
    • Raking stick to mix the waste
    • Kick Start empty Bottle (to boost the temperature when starting the bin in winter)
    • Two cam straps (to retain airtight door)
    • A “How To” user guide

    Download Documents:

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