Microbial Science Laboratories, LLC

Columbia,  PA 
United States

Microbial Science Laboratories is a leader in Microbe Technology for the Greenhouse Industry.  

Our microbe formulas enhance plant growth by overwhelming the soil with microbes, adding over 1 billion per gram with vast amounts of beneficial strains.  They contain Phosphate solubilizing and Phosphate Mineralizing Bacteria-Funi, contain plant growth promoting Rhizo-Bacteria, contain free living Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, contains extracellular enzyme producing Bacteria-Fungi, reduce Abiotic stress, increases nutrient uptake, enhances budding, flowering, and fruiting, promotes root growth, root architecture and plant establishment.

Seed & Plant Starter eliminates the need to use Rooting Hormones, while producing more roots, thicker roots and more fine root hairs, plus all of the other benefits from the microbes listed above.

Brands: Microbe Remedy, Seed & Plant Starter, Micro-Sil, Concentrated Kelp, Blueberry / Cranberry Vaccinium

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