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Protene Slow Release Fertilizers - This highly efficient and effective organic granular fertilizer distributes nutrition the way that plants need them – slowly and consistently – through revolutionary Sustained Release™ technology that enhances growth and color.

Progyp - Highest purity gypsum on the market

Whole Gardener Plant Nutrient Kit provides a natural way to create perfect soil conditions for your plants. Perfect for Garden Centers wanting a unique product.Using one of almost 200 different recipes from the WG Nutrient Recipe Book, and the four Whole Gardener Nutrient Ingredients, the Whole Gardener method allows a gardener to create a custom fertilizer blend. The kit consists of Simply Nitrogen (3.0 lb.), Simply Potassium (4.0 lb.),Simply Phosphorous (3.0 lb.), Simply Micros (4.0 lbs.), Whole Gardener Recipe Book, pH test strips, measuring cups, product dispenser and tote bag. The plant nutrients are all natural and organic and are perfect for the hobby gardener. Whole Gardener offers soils amendments Gypsum, Soil Enhancer, Soil Acidifier, and Humic. 

Introducing Humasil - G - a comprehensive soil amendment containing silicon, humates, gypsum

Brands: Whole Gardener Plant Nutrients Protene - Slow Release Organic and Hybrid Fertilizers

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