Northland Express Transport

United States

  • Our company was founded over forty years ago to concentrate specifically on shipping for the nursery industry. 
  • Working with growers and retailers in the green industry is our core business and we build a variety of shipping models depending on their specific needs. 
  • Many of us in both our Michigan and Oregon offices had extensive work experience in the Nursery industry prior to joining Northland so we understand the challenges our customers face.
  • We specialize in handling multi-stop loads delivering to IGC’s, retailers and other growers nationwide. 
  • While many trucking companies and brokers avoid those complex multi-pick and multi-stop loads, these are the most common type of loads we manage for our customers.
  • We know our customers have a short season to get their products to market and focus on helping them Manage Transportation Cost and Secure Capacity in all market conditions so that their plants Ship On Time!

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