Curtis Wagner Plastics Corp.

United States

Curtis Wagner Plastics is an accepted leader in the plastics industry and specializes in providing the most advanced and durable products for lawn and garden centers and other retail outlets. We primarily serve the wholesale distribution and chain store marketplaces and offer an extensive selection of plastic products designed and Made in the USA. Our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of plastics manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and ensures greater customer satisfaction at every phase of the distribution process. 

We offer a full line of clear vinyl products that include heavy-gauge footed saucers for added stability and increased floor protection. Curtis Wagner Plastics uses thicker and sturdier plastic to construct its products, ensuring that they last longer and work better for end users. Our clear plant saucers are available in diameters of 4–25 inches and in shallow, deep, or medium configurations. Curtis Wagner Plastics also manufactures hanging basket drip pans, cork & fabric plant mats, clear plant stands, carpet saver saucers for floral shops, nurseries and lawn and garden supply stores.

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  • An innovative product being offered at Curtis Wagner Plastics Corp.

    CW-24MSD1234  4-Wing Metal Spinning Floor Display


      6-Tier 4-sided display holds 1260 pieces.
      Takes up 44" diameter floor space, 72" Tall.
      Displays the 4 major lawn & garden saucer product groups.
      Wing #1 Displays:  Clear Vinyl Plant Saucers (6" - 16").
      Wing #2 Displays:  Clear Designer Heavy Plant Saucers (6" - 16").
      Wing #3 Displays:  Clear Vinyl Deep Basket Liners (6" - 16").
      Wing #4 Displays:  Assorted Cork & Fabric Surface Protector Mats (6" - 16").
      Easy to assemble display.
      Heavy duty metal display will last for many years.
      Generates huge saucer sales to maximize profits.
      All products Made in USA.

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