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United States

The Pursell family has been in the business of agriculture for more than 100 years, and has long pioneered the use of polymer coating for the purpose of controlling fertilizer release rates and enhancing nutrient-use efficiency. Pursell Agri-Tech, based in Sylacauga, Alabama, is committed to expanding on this legacy by developing and commercializing sustainable, next-generation controlled-release fertilizer and coating technologies that increase agricultural output and productivity while reducing the impact on the environment.

We’ve led the charge on introducing coated fertilizer to the Turf and Ornamental and Specialty Agriculture market segments. We were also one of the first companies to bring sulfur coated and polymer coated fertilizers to the masses. PurKoteTM was developed as a state of the art, new and improved controlled release fertilizer designed for use in turf and ornamental applications. Nursery and greenhouse operating conditions are some of the toughest to grow under and you need a fertilizer that will support your needs. PurKote’s Adaptive Nutrient Delivery system is driven by temperature allowing for consistent release under excessive water conditions. PurKote also reduces loss from leaching with flexible durations from 30 days up to 2 years. PurKote is designed to meet your precise standards and offers the widest variety of substrates. Regardless of pH levels, moisture conditions or microbial activity, PurKote is engineered to be as reliable and flexible as your customers expect you to be.

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