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TreeDiaper is a patented, multifunctional plant protection system featuring slow-releasing irrigation, auto-recharging with rain/snow, salt damage mitigation, weed control & extreme weather protections. By absorbing rain or irrigation water before slowly releasing it back when soil dries, it significantly boosts the field capacity and plant available water. When used properly, it promotes healthy outward root growth that facilitates establishment of newly planted trees and shrubs and enhances the long term health. TreeDiaper also protects plants against salt damages by releasing extra water to wash off the salts.

It works for all types soils by increasing the Plant Available Water without drowning the root system. It is a four-season watering technology that can significantly reduce watering need, including winter when most irrigation systems are on strike.

It is the best irrigation product for Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), where the porous media doesn't hold moisture very well. TreeDiaper allows the use of the abundant stormwater to stabilize soil moisture.

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  • TreeDiaper garden mat GM3612
    This is the newest member of TreeDiaper family of products. It is designed to fit most garden beds for flowers, veggies, or herbs. It can also be used any plants that are planted in a row like hedges, shrubs, production farm....

  • TreeDiaper® technology focus on stabilizing soil moisture instead of simply irrigating. The release mechanism of TreeDiaper® technology is by osmosis. In another word, the dried soil pull water out of TreeDiaper® garden mat. For all existing irrigation technologies, it relies on gravity or pressure for the release of water from the source to the soil. When overwatered, it is impossible to take the water back by reversing gravity or by forcing back to pressurized source through the backflow preventer! The only way to reduce soil moisture is draining it away.

    What makes TreeDiaper® technology innovative is that it would absorb the excess water up via osmosis when there is too much in the soil. This water would otherwise be wasted.

    In addition, the weed control function of the TreeDiaper® garden mat reduces competition for water. It would also reduce evaporative losses.

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