JRM Chemical, Inc.

United States

Soil Moist water managment polymers in commercial and retail sizes.  Soil Moist reduces plant waterings and lasts 3-5 years.  For the past 29 years used by commercial growers, landscapers and the horticulral industry.  Available in several grade sizes w/wo fertilizer.  Available in disks.

Soil Moist mycorrhizal products.  Highly active multi-species mix with a high cfu count of beneficial bacteria.  Several formulations and package sizes for all applications.

E-Z Root OMRI listed microbial based rooting compound to grow new plants from cuttings.  Works on rooted and unrooted cuttings.  Can be used as a soil drench, a dip and in hydroponic systems.  High CFU's in a three strain microbial mix.  

Plant Thrive OMRI listed 18 species microbial soil amendment.

Water Aide OMRI listed adjuvant/wetting agent.  

Nitrogreen 13-0-0 OMRI listed fertilizer, 100% water soluble.

Soil Moist Seed Coat  Polymer/graphite compound that increases seed germination, turf establishment and speed of germination.  Retail and commerical sizes

Full line of erosion polymers for slope stablization and tacking agents.  Available with a highly effective biostimulant formulation


Brands: Soil Moist polymers Soil Moist Plus Soil Moist Mycorrhizal products E-Z Root Microbial rooting compound Water Aide Nitrogreen 13-13-13 Soil Moist Seed Coat Plant Thrive Soil Moist Disks Seed Generator

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