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  • Guarda®

  • Guarda® is the first EPA-registered, bactericide/fungicide with botanical thyme oil as the active ingredient. Take advantage of up to 14 days of residual activity and say Cu-later to heavy metals. 

    • No use restrictions
    • Low risk of resistance; ideal for IPM programs
    • MRL/tolerance exempt
    • 0-hour REI; zero-day PHI
    • Extended performance up to 14 days
    • Tank mix compatible with most agrichemicals

    Mode of Action

    Guarda® combats plant pathogens and provides continues defense through cellular damage and inhibition of these organisms. It is the first EPA-registered crop protection tool with thyme oil as the registered active ingredient, and it is formulated like no other, as the thyme oil is standardized by its active content, thymol. Guarda's mode of action is cell wall destruction, telomerase inhibition, and cell membrane damage leading to loss of cytoplasmic content and ergosterol depletion.

    The HOLDit® Advantage 

    HOLDit® Technology in Guarda captures the active ingredient, thyme oil, and allows it to remain active over a period of time extending performance against plant pathogenic organisms. Without HOLDit, thyme oil is rendered inefficient because the active ingredient thymol volatizes in the environment, never allowing for correct contact time to destroy microorganisms. This plant-based inert is tolerance exempt and approved for use without restrictions. 

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