East Jordan Plastics

United States

East Jordan Plastics, Inc is a horticultural plastic container manufacturer and a family owned business for over 70 years.  We are based in MI and have 3 manufacturing plants including a plastic recycling facility.  We manufacture thermoform Round & Square pots, inserts, market paks, and plug & liner trays.  We also manufacture injection-molded Round & Square pots and decorative hanging baskets, bowls, and planters.  Our Project 100% closed loop recycling program recaptures 15 Million pounds of scrap plastic a year from our customers, which we use to manufacture new containers.     



  • Stadium Pots and Trays
    Innovative space saving pot and tray design for your growing facility and at retail....

  • Uniquely designed in a shape similar to a sports stadium, the Stadium pots can be printed on the round side to best represent your brand and allows easy application of labels or inserting locking tags on the flat side.  The pots fit one of  2 ways in the trays to allow orientation.  The most notable quality of the Stadium family of containers is the space savings both in the growing facility and at retail.  

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