Ceramo Company, Inc.

United States

In the more than 75 years that Ceramo Company has been supplying America's leading garden centers with world-class pottery, we have grown from being a small regional producer of red clay pots into one of the industry’s top distributors of flower pots and planters from every corner of the globe.

We feature flower pots and planters from almost 20 different manufacturers located in 8 different countries, and our catalog collections offer one of the largest product selections in the industry. 

Ceramo sells its pots directly to independent garden centers across the country. 

Brands: America's Favorite Flower Pots - Top-quality, on-trend planters from more than 15 producers from across the globe.

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  • In these uncertain times, one of the biggest challengs facing independent garden centers is the ability to stock their shelves with quality, sale-able merchandise. We understand this dilema, andhave worked with our manufacturing partners to secure a constantly replenishing inventory supply.

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  • Powder Coated Standard Pots & Saucers
    The classic flower pot shape is reinvented in a range of 25 exciting fashion colors!...

  • Why do garden centers love our signaure Powder-Coated Standard Pots so much?

    • Designer colors are dominating the pottery market for houseplants
    • The all-time classic “flower pot shape” continues to be an affordable revenue-driver at retail
    • Crafted in Germany from durable terra cotta clay and totally coated in a plasticine powder coat for perfect, uniform colors.
    • We carry 25 colors & multiple shapes and sizes.
    • Powder-coated planters are offered in open-stock  program or in a range of mixed pallet, display pallet, & planogram configurations.
    • Colors can be mixed and matched in a infinite range of seasonal displays - holidays, team colors, etc. 
    • Matching saucers are available.
    • Quick retail sales at impulse-purchase price points.
    • We stock an extensive on-hand inventory for quick shipment.
    • Stacking shape is ideal for stores with smaller floor plans
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