Acorn Farms, Inc.

United States

Acorn Farms  continues to grow and expand offering over 800 acres of the highest quality shade and ornamental trees plus an addtional 150 acres of container stock including shrubs and evergreens, perennials, annuals, succulents, poinsettias, mums, bulbs, and seasonal plants. Sales are generated by both on and off site staff,  our central location here in Columbus,  Ohio, affords you the opportunity to purchase with truck delivery to the US East Coast including New York, Long Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and to the Midwest areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, W. Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas.

We offer a vast selection of the highest quality plant material including hardy, native plants and unique, hard to find ornamentals. Our timely service, whether you are close or far away, has afforded us the opportunity to expand rapidly without compromising quality to become a leading producer of wholesale nursery stock across the US.

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