SimPOS! Software

United States

SimPOS! Software gives you the possibility of a simple to use, cost effective POS system.   We now have a hands free, visit free installtion process during these times of COVID-19.  Contact me at 206-914-0470 or for more information.  FREE software support, No monthly maintenance fee, and FREE updates.  Referrals gladly.  Over 100 satisfied clients across Canada and the USA.  Online demo available -- takes about 1-1.5 hours depending on your questions.  You will actually see the program in use on my computer with an actual database. And you can ask such questions as "right now we have this kind of customer frequent shopper program, show me how that would work on a SimPOS system".  No fancy costly computer hardware needed and we attempt to use what you have already.  Simple is as SimPOS! does. My computer software programmer operates a large successful garden center in Ohio.  We are constantly improving based on client requests. Give me a call and lets talk POS software.  Anytime from 8 am to 7 pm WEST COAST time. Member of GCG organization. No pushy salespersons. And besides as my booth banner for MANTS states, "Bob is a Nice guy".  Have a great 2021!  Thanks, Bob

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