McEnroe Organic Farm

United States

McEnroe Organic Farm is a 1200 acre NOFA-NY LLC certified organic farm. The Farm has been in the McEnroe family name for 50+ years and has diversified over time. The Farm took on a composting facility, roughly 15 acres of vegetable production, cows, chickens, Thanksgiving turkeys, an on-site Farm Market, an Eatery, and Educational Program. On our Farm, we take what is typically known as “waste” and upcycle it into a better product, reducing landfill space and our carbon footprint.

On our farm, no organic materials go to waste. It all starts with our compost and soil blends, made on our 6-acre composting facility. We lay compost down on our fields, start seeds in our own soil blends, and add special soil blends to raised beds, giving our crops a healthy start. We grow vegetables, fruits, and grains. The grains are a dietary supplement for our cows, chickens, and turkeys, which are pasture raised. All our livestock are raised for meat production. We grow all sorts of vegetables and fruits in fields, cold frames, and greenhouses. Cow manure, food waste, leaves, animal bedding, and bark are sourced from our Farm and local areas to go back into making our compost and soil blends. Healthy soil means healthy people, healthy plants, and a healthy planet!

Our Farm Market showcases products from our Farm, other local Farms, and various organic companies. You can buy food, cleaning products, food waste bins, guidebooks, and meals cooked from the Eatery! The Eatery has a menu that reflects seasonal food availability, and takes “seconds” food from the Farm and converts them into delicious prepared foods!

Finally, we have the Discovery Garden, which is integral to the community programs held by the Educational Programming. The Discovery Garden donates produce to local food pantries, hosts volunteers from the local community center, allows patrons to see how food is grown in real time, and acts as an activity center as part of Farm Tours. The goal of the Educational Programming is to educate the public about our sustainable farming practices and excite people of all ages to know where their food comes from. 

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