Castle Aquatics

Hayward,  CA 
United States


  • PondMAX EURO Series
    Dealers asked for a more diverse range of product manufacturing, and we listened! Now introducing a new line of products from Europe: The EURO Series Pressure Filters, Submersible Pumps, UV Clarifiers, and Clear Water Kit....

  • Pressure Filters: 2 Models (PF1000 & PF2000)

    This product provides optimum water conditions and crystal-clear water and convenient use with rapid filter cleaning without having to open or dismantle the multi-stage filter elements (MAX debris removal capacity capacity and maximum biological filtering).

    Submersible Pumps: 8 Models (FP550 to FP3950)

    This pump is equipped with a special impeller and rotor enable the pump to handle solids up to 3/8", includes thermal protector which protects the pump from overheating, and has a large intake screen and tool-less servicing for easy maintenance.

    UV Clarifiers: 5 Models (UVC9W to UVC60W)

    This product effectively clears cloudy pond water and aids filtration. It also comes with high-performance and long-lasting UV-C lamp to ensure optimum wattage and energy efficiency. 

    Clear Water Kit: Model #CW1800

    This kit makes pond filtration simple while keeping ponds well oxygenated and preventing bacteria. Includes: UV-C filter with long-lasting lamp, Pump with energy saving motor, Spray-bar to optimize water distribution through all the filtering surface, & Filtration layers for best biological filtration.

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