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Offering thousands of varieties of plug in fourteen sizes from the country's top growers in one comprehensive list. was designed to make your job easier. We've eliminated the need to navigate from list to list. You can now source from twelve catalogs in one place. Our state of the art search feature brings the marketplace to you in seconds. The list is strong in natives, ornamentals, ferns and grasses. We offer large landscape plugs, grown for viability in direct planting and fast turnover in container growing. PM Website

Gary's Perennials 

Since 1984, we have offered top-quality perennials to growers, landscape nurseries and contractors.  We specialize in popular varieties of hardy, North American varieties. Our line includes hard-to-find and highly sought-after plants as well as some of the most reliable standbys. Many of our plants are suitable for direct installation and growers can finish most plants in one- and two-gallon containers. GP Catalog Link    GP Website

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