Ecotone LLC

Forest Hill,  MD 
United States


Let’s create a world in which the natural environment and humankind thrive. Through years of taking the long cut, we’ve learned that natural problems need natural solutions.

  • Native Nursery
  • Design/build
  • Ecosystem credits
  • Stormwater solutions
  • Beaver mitigation


Our wholesale plants are identical to those installed on our own successful ecological restoration projects. We grow for long-term resilience. Rich growing media and mycorrhizal inoculants promote healthy growth long after our plants leave the nursery.

Though we grow 30 tree species and 20 shrub species native to the Atlantic Gulf and Coastal Plains and the Eastern Mountains and Piedmont regions, Ecotone specializes in fast-growing willow and dogwood species which are restoration staples. 

Our 2022 inventory will be doubling as we move to a new property, Pheasant Run, in Baldwin, MD. We look forward to serving all types of customers, from landscapers and construction companies to government agencies and non-profit organizations.

A link to our inventory, updated monthly, can be found at, or call Cara at 717-542-1685 for availabily. 

Brands: Ecotone specializes in streamside and wetland native tree and shrub species, including beaver friendly plants, in sizes 3x3x9" tubelings, 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon, and 5 gallon containers.

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