CowPots, LLC

United States

CowPots are an American Made, biodegradable, plantable pot made from composted cow manure. Developed in 2006 as a way to add value to our dairy farm's byproduct, we have been manufacturing a completely renewable and recycled alternative for growers and gardeners for over 20 years!

We manufacture 14 styles, from 3" to 17". For 2021 we are offering our newest style, #4 Round. Bulk and retail packaging available.

All CowPots products are USDA Certified 100% Biobased.

What makes CowPots the most sustainable choice?

  • 100% Plastic and Peat Free
  • Zero waste stream manufacturing   
  • Made using solar energy & methane gas
  • No pot to throw away, reducing landfill waste
  • Post consumer and recycled ingredients

What makes CowPots the best choice for growing?

  • Plant the whole pot!
  • Never remove your plant from a pot again
  • Unrestricted root penetration, never root bound
  • No cutting or tearing, reduces transplant shock
  • 80% degraded within just 3 months underground

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