Angelica Nurseries, Inc.

United States

Angelica specializes in landscape grade woody and ornamental plants for use in the professional nursery trade. Years of expertise refining our horticultural practices produces a plant with greater livability in today's landscapes. Throughout the entire growing season, we strive to provide plants of the highest quality and best value to our customers. While we may enjoy a moderate Mid Atlantic climate, our plant selection includes species for even the harshest climates. Family owned and operated, Angelica digs to order field grown ball and burlap plants. Each customer order is handled with individual attention, from order acknowledgement and tagging to harvesting and shipment with commitment to quality. Each plant will have sturdy trunks, aesthetic branching and lush foliage, the result of careful staking, pruning, leader and meticulous production techniques developed for each variety. The part of the plant least seen, the fine, fibrous root system concentrated in a burlapped ball of earth is the foundation for premium landscape material. Root structure quality, our climate, soil, irrigation systems and digging/handling techniques allow us to ship year-round. We welcome summer orders! An intricate process, summer digging requires extra time and labor to insure viability. Primarily evergreens and selected deciduous, our summer dig program provides our customers with premium plant material hardened off for peak performance on site. Angelica has one of the most successful summer dig programs industry wide. Angelica is a trusted supplier of shade and ornamental trees, deciduous shrubs, braod and narrow leaf evergreens. Our field grown Taxus and Thuja are always uniform, heavy specimen plants as well as our Ilex meserveae. Delivery of consistent product and service, setting the industry standard for fine landscape material season after season, year after year, decade after decade.  Growth You Can Count On!™

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