Designs for Greener Gardens

United States

After 35 years of designing, installing, and developing beautiful gardens, we have branched out and are now importing garden antiques from France!

Garden antiques from the old world are unique and France produced some of the best. Each piece we sourced is sure to elevate any space, whether it be a residential property or a garden center. The patina of time imbued in each one our hand-picked garden antiques will create a unique ambiance and bring life to any refined garden setting. From hand-forged 1900's intricate wrought iron railing to hand-carved fireplace mantels, fired clay architectural elements and 7-foot-long basalt troughs, we can provide you and your customers with authentic pieces of garden art! 

So personalize  your property or company, elevate your garden center, augment your designs, amaze your customers, by incorporating a piece, two or ten from our curated French garden antiques collection.

If you need a specific piece, we are happy to search for you.

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