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GCS is an advertising agency specializing in the 'green' industry. 

Garden Center Solutions (GCS) is a transformative marketing and advertising agency created for the Independent Garden Center and Landscape businesses.  For 18 years, GCS has provided garden centers, nurseries and landscaping companies with many marketing solutions.  Our goal - to make marketing easy, effective and affordable. We know your business because we have experience it first-hand. Three of our employees have been in the industry since the 1980's - on the front lines in grower, garden center and the landscape businesses.

Our popular social media programs for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - are as little as $99/mo - saving your valuable time and money. Other traditional marketing tools include plastic postcard mailers, postcards, newsletters, circulars, loyalty & gift cards, websites, e-commerce sites, email campaigns, social media, banners, signage, and complete branding services are all in our toolbox to ensure your success. 

Our complete Digital Marketing Solution ties your website, social media, and email marketing into one convenient, easy-to-use and time saving package! We are keenly aware of the fact that “content is king” & provide an abundance of high-quality written and visual content to keep your customer continually engaged. All of our content may be personalized by your business. 

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