United States

The first substantial substrate innovation in almost 50 years, HydraFiber® is an engineered, porous fiber substrate with extremely low bulk density. Selected as GameChanger of the Year in 2019 by Greenhouse Grower, HydraFiber is a proven performer and used by leading growers. Growers everywhere are choosing HydraFiber to improve the quality of their mixes. HydraFiber is manufactured with our unique Thermally Refined® process that combines wood and bark and refines them in a pressurized vessel to create singulated, small-diameter, long, thin strands with large surface area. HydraFiber is readily available, consistent, and made in the USA for easy and reliable shipping and delivery. Now in both bale and tower format, HydraFiber products can be processed with or without specialized equipment and have helped improve substrates for growers and blenders across North America. 

Brands: HydraFiber Ultra (available in five formulations, along with both bales & towers); HydraFiber EZ Blend - available in bales and tower form.

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