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InstantHedge offers 20+ varieties of finished hedges in 3 convenient sizes with multiple packaging options.

They are cultivated using patented technology with repeated shoot and root prunings to result in full, lush, thriving hedges with healthy fibrous root systems resulting in little to no transplant shock. 

The hedges are pre-spaced and most often shipped in biodegradable cardboard boxes to eliminate waste and ease planting.

Some of our most popular varieties are European Beech, Hicks Yew, & Arbrovitae.

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  • InstantHedge
    Finished hedges ranging from 18"-6' tall, available in 20+ varieties...

  • Finished hedges ranging from 18"-6' tall, available in 20+ varieties and shipped nationwide out of Oregon. Our hedges are grown with patented, GPS-guided precision so you can have results in 1 day. Each field grown hedge is root pruned at least four times before harvest to create a thriving fibrous root system to eliminate transplant shock. Our hedges can be shipped and planted any time of year, anywhere in the country.

    We also have container grown hedges available: the MiniHedge and new MiniHedgeXL size for extreme convenience in planting hedges from 18"-4' tall.

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