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Jiffy is the leading global supplier of propagation systems, hydroponic systems, natural growing containers and substrates for any type of plant propagation and cultivation enterprises big or small. Our solutions have no limits based on plant type. We use renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coconut coir, pulp and other bio-mass. We abide by the highest industry standards in order to both safeguard the environment and supply the highest-quality, in many cases certified, products to our customers.

 Press Releases

  • What is Flexistart?

    Flexistart is the latest addition to Jiffy’s famous range of specialized growing media. It’s an enriched substrate that transforms from a loose fill mix into a stabilized plug by adding water.  Flexistart offers proven performance in material, plug, and crop handling, with results that optimize labor efficiencies.  Its flexibility is unmatched: It works with most flat filling equipment, tray size, seeding or sticking method, and transplanting machinery.

    What crops is Flexistart designed for?

    Flexistart is fully compatible with both cuttings and seeds. It’s suitable for a wide range of indoor grown crops, including vegetables and ornamental plants.

    Will Flexistart work with my machines?

    Jiffy Flexistart is compatible with all loose fill and transplanting machines.

    Will Flexistart work with my trays?

    Flexistart is suitable for any tray and cell configuration and provides efficient in-line changeover. This flexibility enables just-in-time production: No need to build an advanced inventory of filled trays.

    How does Flexistart improve handling?

    Flexistart offers a fully enforced dibble structure, regardless of tray and cell configuration. This gives the grower centered seed placement and complete contact for unrooted cuttings – every time.

    What plant performance can I expect with Flexistart?

    Flexistart consistently outperformed the control during trials in root development, plant uniformity, and flower count.

    How does Flexistart minimize waste?

    Whether you are grading, transplanting, or shipping young plant material, Flexistart minimizes soil loss and maintains plug integrity throughout.


  • Jiffy Preforma
    Propagation plug solution for every grower...

  • Jiffy Preforma Plugs

    Preforma plugs consistently retain an air content of 30% or more, which means no compaction, even under heavy misting conditions. This makes it an ideal propagation medium, providing an optimal environment for uniform and fast rooting.

    • Ready-to-go
    • Fast rooting
    • Automation

    The plant plug binder’s structure ensures no transplant shock. This means you can ship or transplant the plugs earlier, freeing up valuable bench space in order to rotate the crops faster.  Jiffy Preforma plugs are available for many different crops. But over the years we developed some crop specialties such as: orchids, soft fruits, perennial from cuttings or TC, pot plants.

  • Jiffy Pellets
    Great germination, higher profits...

  • Jiffy Pellets

    Propagating seeds and cuttings or tissue culture with Jiffy Pellets has a number of clear advantages for the professional grower. You can consistently record higher and faster levels of in-pot germination thanks to the uniform growing in Jiffy Pellets, consistent quality, means consistent results. Your plant yields will be higher as seedlings do not have to be removed from the container, the pellet eliminates root disturbance, and simply planted into the nest growing stage without transplant shock. These shorter growing process cycles also mean considerable labor-savings and water-use reduction. Jiffy Pellets are a logical choice for professional propagators who want to be more profitable.

    • Better, faster germination
    • Labor-saving
    • Lower water use

    The pellets are made from either 100% peat or a mixture of peat and Jiffy’s own-manufactured RHP-certified coco substrate, or 100% coco substrate. Most Jiffy pellets are available preloaded in many European and North American tray standards, as well as on poly-roll (pre-spaced pellets on a roll) or as bulk pellets for loading into standard industry trays.  The 100% peat and the coir/peat mix pellets have the medium exposed to high temperature flash drying to create a sterile substrate.

  • Jiffy Substrates
    Superior mixes for all of today's demands...

  • Jiffy Substrates

    Jiffy’s range of substrates include peat-reduced, peat-free and organic certified solutions. We also have a long history of knowledge and experience in delivering the highest-quality substrate mixes for plant production with the most uniform characteristics, tailored and tested to meet each crop’s specifications, every time. Jiffy blends quality substrates at modern production facilities in a number of locations across the world, in order to guarantee the best physical characteristics.

    • Very reliable
    • Highest quality
    • Tailor made
  • Jiffy Pots
    The compostable classic...

  • Jiffy Pots

    Professional nurseries, landscapers, greenhouse growers and hydroponic farmers all over the world can benefit from the range of advantages the Jiffy Pot provides. 

    You can save on labor with Jiffy Pots because you don’t need to de-pot: simply pot on or plant out  Jiffy Pot and all. You get faster rooting with a Jiffy Pot than with a plastic pot, thanks to no root disturbance and less root-zone temperature fluctuations. You can also reduce water consumption by 20% when Jiffy Pots are combined with the Jiffy Pot Tray, as this allows shorter, or less frequent, watering cycles.  

    • Stronger roots
    • Sustainable
    • Zero plastic

    A large part of all Jiffy Pots are 100% home-compostable and approved for organic production.

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