Lambert Peat Moss, Inc.


Superior & Consistent Gowing Media
For over 90 years, we have been acknowledged as a leader in the sphagnum peat moss industry. Well-known for our ability to quickly adapt to the customer’s requests and special needs. Lambert’s success is based on their obsession for quality control. Their devotion and passion for their products makes the perfect partner, whether if you are a professional grower or an amateur horticulturist.
Lambert Peat Moss, At the root of your success since 1928!

Jeff Bishop:
Cell: (315) 480-1900
Toll Free: (888) 632-8808

Otto Kaufmann:
Cell: (561) 704-1723

Michel Morin:
Cell: (418) 868-8701


Professional Peat-Based Substrates:

Professional Sphagnum Peat Moss:

Retail Growing Media:

Brands: • LM-Germination, Plugs & Seedlings Mixes • LM-All Purpose Mixes • LM-High Porosity Mixes • LM-Organic Mixes • LM-Bark Mixes • LM-Custom Blends • EPM Mixes (EcoPeatPlus+) • The Green Formula Mixes • Peat Moss

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