Schott Nurseries, LLC

United States

Years of Knowledge and Service in the Hort Industry

At Schott Nurseries we are dedicated to producing top quality nursery stock with great value and with service that puts a smile on your face.

We currently have over 800 varieties of Natives and Landscape Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in production in the field, Containerized (1 - 25 gal) and Field Grown (many in Grow-Bags)

For Reforestation, Reclamation, Remediation,     
        Conservation and Environmental Projects

For Residential and Commercial Landscape Contractors

For Ornamental Landscaping

All of our plants are irrigated by a computerized trickle irrigation system, which reduces plant stress and ensures their transplanting success.

Our devotion to pruning, fertilizing, staking, and weed control make our plants full and vigorous.

Our Central Maryland location is convenient for quick and reasonable delivery.

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